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The Timeline View of Work Orders

The timeline view of work orders is available in the coming release of Calem R2023.  It provides a quick overview of a work order. It is available for all themes: dark, mint, and classic (screenshots below). A timeline view includes the following components.

  • A headline of the order number, priority, status and the subject.
  • % of steps completed including steps, safety and permits.
  • % of labor hours completed based on scheduled, or planned hours. It is 100% if hours are reported without hours scheduled, or planned.
  • A horizontal timeline of status changes of the work order.
  • Lists of work order details shown responsively. A detail list with less data takes less space.
  • A "Detail" tab of work order fields.
  • A "History" tab showing lists of work orders for the same asset, or location of the current work order.
  • Tabs to switch to a Task, or Data View of the work order.
  • The Timeline views may not show in your forms due to customization. See Step 9 and 10 of this blog to enable it.

Timeline views will also be available for other objects including assets.

The Timeline View for Assets
How to Add Thousands of Images to Assets

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