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How to Implement PMs by Tiered Meter Readings

Tiered meter readings can be configured to schedule PMs in Calem release R20d which is available on August 20, 2020. Here is the diagram of the use case:

  • A new machine is deployed with maintenance schedules based on a meter of operating hours.
  • For the first 30K hours perform first maintenance at 28,000 hours.
  • For the first 50K hours perform second maintenance at 48,000 hours.
  • Above 50K hours perform maintenance every 10K hours.

Three PM meter lines can be added to implement the tiered meter readings in scheduling PM work orders. 

  • Menu path: Preventive Maintenance module | PM list

 The first line (seq 10) is a "Release Once" schedule at 28K hours.

The second line (seq 20) is a "Release Once" schedule at 48K hours. 

The 3rd line  (seq 30) is a release by reading interval of 10K hours. PM work orders are generated at 8K reading for preparation. For instance, a PM work order is generated at 58,000 hours, next release is at 68,000 hours. If "Custom WO Gen" is not checked, PM work orders are released at 60,000 hours, next is 70,000 hours.

This feature allows maintenance planners to simplify tiered preventive maintenance scheduling based on meter readings.

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