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WO Auto-Assignment by Specialty

Work order assignment can be automated based on specialty for productivity. A specialty is a skill code to do a work order such as electrical, mechanical, cleaning, etc. 

1. Find the Menu

Use the menu tree to search all menu related to specialty below:

  • Menu: Work Order | Codes | Specialty - to define codes for specialty.
  • Menu: Organization | ACL Profiles | Notification by Specialty - to define auto-assignment and notification by user/team/specialty.

 2. Set up Auto-Assignment

Define auto-assignment from the menu of "Notification by Specialty".

  • Click the button "Add User" of the notification list to add a user by specialty and site.
  • Edit the user row to set "Assign to WO" to Checked. 
    • If "Assign to WO" is not checked, the auto-assignment will not be activated for this user.
  • Click the button "Add Team" button to configure a team for auto-assignment.
  • That is all for the setup. Calem will do the auto-assignment when 1) a WO is created with a specialty code; or 2) the specialty code of a WO is modified.
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