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A Note of WO Scheduling and Release

1. WO Scheduling Status

WO scheduling status is refactored in the coming release of R2022f. It is a colored field in Open WO List. One may use this field to review and schedule/assign work orders.

  • The scheduling status is "Scheduling" in a work order list.
  • The status takes a value of "Fully" (fully scheduled); Partially (partially scheduled); "None" or blank (none scheduled).

2. Mandate Scheduling before Release

This is a new feature in the R2022f release to manage work order release. It allows one to mandate that a work order is scheduled or assigned before it can be released.

  • The menu is: Organization | EAM Company
  • Set checkbox "Release by Schedule" checked to enable this feature.
  • An error prompt is shown if a work order is released without scheduling/assignment when the feature is turned on.
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