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When to Close Work Orders without Acceptance

Acceptance is a step in the life-cycle of work orders for a customer or supervisor to accept work completed. For instance, a repair work order is accepted by an operations manager; a PM work order is accepted by a maintenance supervisor. Use the following chart to determine if there are too many work orders to be accepted: 

  • Dashboard | Summary | WO Summary
  • If the bar of "To Accept" is well above other metrics, you have too many completed work orders without acceptance.

You may institute work order acceptance in your work order processes. The first step is to close work orders that have been completed previously for a fresh start. A server process is created for this purpose.

  • Admin | Open | Server Process
  • Select "Close Completed Work Orders", then click "Execute" menu to run this process.
  • A date entry screen is shown.
    • Enter a cut-off date to close work orders completed before that date. 
    • A safety check is performed so that only work orders completed 30 days earlier can be closed.
    • Email notifications are turned off to avoid stressing our email services.
  • Click "Save" in the data entry screen to continue.
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