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Surfacing Step Conditions in Work Orders

In the coming release of R2024a (for April 2024) a step condition can be surfaced to work orders based on their priorities. Here's the use case:
  • A tech completing a step may flag the condition for a step to be poor so that supervisors may review and take further actions later.

 1. WO Step Condition

The condition of a work order step can be set by a tech when completing a work order step. The condition is a dropdown with a priority for each value.

  • Dropdowns out of the box:
    • Not Applicable (priority 0)
    • Good (priority 1)
    • Poor (priority 2)
  • The dropdown values are configurable.
    • Menu path: Admin | Data Design | Dropdowns | cm_wo_step_condition
    • One can add or remove a dropdown
    • the priority of a dropdown can be updated.
  • The step condition of the highest priority is surfaced to the work orders.
    • For instance, if a step's condition is "Poor" (priority 2), the work order's condition is "Poor".
    • If none of the steps is of "Poor" (priority 2), and a step's condition is "Good" (priority 1), the WO's condition is "Good".

2. Step Condition in PM WOs

Steps are present in PM WOs. A tech may set the condition for a PM WO step when needed.

3. Step Condition in CM WOs

Steps are not present in corrective (CM) WOs in general. However, a boilerplate step may be configured for CM WOs to create a step for tech to report condition if needed.

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