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Saved Searches in Calem

​Saved searches are queries stored in Calem. They are efficient tools in analyzing data in Calem. Here is one use case:

  • ​A login user needs to view all his or her work orders, and also in the following groups:
    • New: work orders submitted, and to be approved.
    • Approved: work order approved, and to be planned and released.
    • Released: work orders released and are being executed.
    • Completed: work order completed but not accepted or closed.
    • Closed: work orders closed.
The use case can be implemented in Calem Enterprise in the following steps:
  • Use "My request" list to view all the requests for the login user (menu path: work order module | Open | My request)
  • Use saved searches to view work orders ​in the following groups:
    • 1 - New: for work orders submitted
    • 2 - Approved: for work orders approved
    • 3 - Released: for work orders released
    • 4 - Completed: for work orders completed but not closed
    • 5 - Closed: for work orders closed
Here is the screenshot of "My request". Click "Search" button (highlighted in red) to open saved search screen.

The saved search screen includes private saved searches by the login user and shared saved searches created by administrators. Click a saved search to apply it, or one may create, edit and delete saved searches in this screen.

The saved searches at the web screens are available from Calem Touch for phones, tablets and desktops.

Users with "System admin" role can create shared searches for all users in Calem. "User" screen is the place to set user admin roles. User screen is accessible from "Organization module | ACL Profiles | User list". Simply find a user to edit and set its admin role.

See more information about saves searches and other user interface functions at Calem Enterprise User Guide, or at Calem Enterprise training videos below.



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