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User Assignment by Skill Match

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Work order assignment can be made based on skill match. Here are the key points:

  • ​Define skill matrix
  • Define skill requirement for a site
  • Define user skills
  • Calem will use work order's site to determine skill requirement and display users meeting the skill requirements.

The first step is to define skill matrix:

  • Define business lines which are the product lines you manage
  • Identify vendors and certificate requirements for the product lines
  • Menu path: Org module | Codes | Skill
​​Business Line
​Vendor ​Certification ​Cert Level
​Network ​Cisco
​Security​Acme​Sample Cert​1000

Next define the skill requirements for a site:

  • ​The skill requirement can be business line only; or business line and vendor; or business line, vendor and certification.
  • Menu path: Org module | Open | Site Skill
​Site ​Business Line ​Vendor ​Cert​Cert Level
​Site 001 ​Network ​Cisco
​Site 002​Security​Acme​Sample Cert​1000

​Next, the skills of technical staff are defined:

  • ​Menu path: Org module | Open | User Skill
​User ​Business Line ​Vendor ​Cert​Cert Level
​John Freeman ​Network ​Cisco
​Jet Green​Security

When assigning users to work orders, ​Calem Enterprise matches the users available for a site and their skills against the skill requirements for a site. Only users meeting the skill requirements for a work order are shown in the users available for assignment.

  • ​Skill match is turned on when skill requirements are defined for a work order site.
  • One can optionally turn off skill match so other technical staff not matching skills can be shown for assignment.

See more information about assignment by skill match in Calem Enterprise User Guide.

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