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Department KPIs for Work Orders

Calem Enterprise provides detailed KPIs for departments. Department codes can be a functional segmentation of assets. For instance, a plant can have department codes defined based on manufacturing functions. These department codes can then be used to produce KPIs for insights into operations of a functional area. 

The departmental KPI is "WO Monthly KPI for a Dept" in the dashboard of Calem Enterprise.

The first step is to set up "Category" code at assets. The category codes are used in KPI calculation.

  • Create "Asset Category" codes. The menu path is "Asset module | Codes | Categories"
  • Set assets with category codes

The options for the KPI are:

  • ​Pick a department to calculate KPI. The menu button is "Set Dept".
  • Set number of days of work orders that are open for calculation. The menu button is "Set Days".
  • Select a year to calculate. The menu button is "Set Month".

The department monthly KPI is calculated for a given department code, number of days open and year:

  • WOs open by priority P1, P2, P3, etc.
  • WOs completed
  • Total WOs for priority P1, P2, P3, etc.
  • Average time worked (minutes) for priority P1, P2, P3, etc.
  • Open WO for 10+ days
  • Total WOs for each asset category
  • Total WOs created by requesters
  • Total WOs by "Assigned To" at work order records
The following is the screenshot of the KPI for a test department. The KPI is shown in the dashboard in a compact list view. You may use "Print" or "Export to Excel" in the list view to view the KPI in full screen.

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