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Barcode with Windows 10 Touch PC

​In addition to using Calem Barcode with Android barcode devices, you can use USB barcode scanners and Windows 10 touch screen PCs to streamline your warehouse operations.

The first step is to configure your touch screen PC:

  • Launch Microsoft Edge browser
  • Configure Edge Browser for Barcode:
    • Go to "about:flags" in the address bar of Edge
    • A configuration page should show
    • Find "Enable MSPointer event interfaces" checkbox
    • Have the checkbox checked
    • Restart Edge browser.

Once the configuration is done, you can use barcode module:

  • Connect your USB barcode scanner to your Windows 10 PC
  • Launch Microsoft Edge browser
  • Go to your Calem Enterprise service site
  • Select "Calem Touch" to login

See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information about using Calem Barcode with iOS and Android devices.

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