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Work Order Summary KPI

A new summary KPI is available for work orders in Release R10g. Maintenance supervisors can get a quick overview of their maintenance operations with the following information: 

  • ​Average time spent in completing a work order by month.
  • Work orders that are open for 10 or more days by month
  • Work orders that are still open by month
  • Total work orders by month
Supervisors can also change the KPI parameters:
  • ​Change number of days open (from 10 to another number)
  • Change the reporting year (by changing the month to another year)
  • By logging into the system with a different access control profile. For instance, a supervisor logging into a single site profile will see the KPI for a single site. A supervisor logging int with a multi-site profile will see the KPI for multiple sites.

See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information about dashboard KPIs.

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