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Vendor Performance Report

Vendor performance reports show how effective vendors are delivering goods. The actual delivery time can be compared against the lead time provided. The lead time is the number of days that vendors need to deliver goods.

  • The lead time can be defined at various levels to best reflect vendor capabilities. Calem calculates the vendor performance for each line of a PO.
  • If a lead time is specific for a part define the lead time at the vendor part level. The menu path is "Purchase module| Open | Vendor Prices", define the lead time at the part list supplied by a vendor.
  • The default lead time for a vendor site is defined at a vendor site. The menu path is: "Org module | Open | Vendor list". Define the lead time at vendor site list.
  • The default lead time for a vendor company is defined at vendor list.

The screenshot shows a item-specific lead time by vendor at Purchase | Open | Vendor Prices.

The actual delivery performance is calculated based on inventory receipt transactions at "Inventory module | Transaction | Receive to Stores, or Receive to One Store".

  • Actual delivery is the time of the first receipt of a PO line.
  • Actual delivery days are calculated between the first receipt time and a PO submission time.
    • If a PO submission time is not found, the PO creation time is used.​

The vendor performance report is available at "Purchase module | Report | Vendor Performance".

  • A report period must be selected to do the report.
    • The period is by PO creation time.
  • The report can be grouped by:
    • Vendor – average actual delivery days are grouped by vendors.
    • Vendor and Item – average delivery days are grouped by vendors and items.
The screenshots below are the report option screen and vendor performance by vendors, and by vendors and parts.

PO delivery estimates are provided at PO level along with actual delivery for quick views.

  • Estimated delivery: estimated date of delivery after a PO is approved based on the lead time in days. The PO lead time is the smallest lead time of all PO lines.
  • Actual delivery is the first delivery time of any items in the PO.
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