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Purchase Order Print Customization Part 2

In last blog about purchase order print customization we have discussed the standard PO header customization, PO lines, and the signature section.  In this blog I will present the new top template for PO print, and terms and conditions at the end of PO print. See the screenshot below. The top template for PO print will be turned on by default so current users enjoy the new PO print layout. However, you can have the new layout turned off through a configuration change. See Admin Guide "PO Print Customization" for more info. Cloud service customers can contact Calem to turn off the new layout.

The new top template includes Section 1, 2 and 3. They can be used with standard header (section 5) section to produce PO prints that meet your business requirements.

  • ​Section 1. Icon and the company, address and contact phone. 
  • Section 2. The vendor name, contact name in PO, address and contact phone. The "Ship to" section includes the PO's ship to address and PO site's contact number.
  • Section 3. PO date and PO number are displayed.
  • Section 4. Terms and Conditions of the PO are shown.
  • Section 5. The standard PO header that can be customized by Calem Designer.

PO Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are defined at PO sites. It is flexible to define different PO terms for different sites. However, if all sites share the same terms, define the terms at EAM company's "PO term" field.

Customers can find more information in Calem Enterprise Admin Guide about PO print customization. Contact the Calem Support Team for questions.

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