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How to Customize Calem Mobile (or Calem Touch) Apps

Calem Touch is the mobile interface for phones, tablets and desktops. The mobile forms in Calem Touch can be customized just like Ajax web forms. In this tutorial we will show you how to customize mobile forms through Calem Designers. 

1. Group Customization

Group customization for Calem Touch is the same as Calem Enterprise excepting list views. List views will be discussed in a separate section below.

  • Menu path: Admin | Groups | Select a touch Group, click "Group Design"
  • For instance, select a phone group and use "Group Design" to customize the group for phone user interface.
  • An ACL profile includes groups for desktop (web), phone, tablet and touch (web). You may set the phone group customized for phone and tablet.

2. DataView vs. TaskView

For objects such as work order there are DataView and Task Views. Go to DataView to customize for a touch group. The TaskView customization is not used for touch at runtime.​ 

3. List View Customization

 List view customization is done through templates. See this blog for customizing list views.

4. Walk-Though Demo

In the demo video I will walk through the addition of a custom field and menu to mobile screens.

  • Create a "Customer note" field in work order and publish to mobile.
  • Add "Change asset/location" menu to mobile.
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