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Calem Integration 6: Inbound Inventory Transactions

Inventory transactions in 3rd party applications may be sent to Calem through REST API in the coming release of R2024a.

  • The transaction interfaces are provided by Calem.
  • Physical Count transaction is supported at this time.
  • An inbound physical count transaction will modify the stock quantity and average prices in Calem.

1. Data Payload

The interface allows one to pass one or more transactions to Calem with transactional control by "atomic" attribute.

  • "atomic"=1: transactions are atomic, i.e., all succeed or none does.
  • "atomic"=0: transactions are not atomic. A failed transaction does not affect other transactions.
  • Content type is JSON: application/json
  • The field names are defined in Calem Integration 5: Upsert REST API
	"atomic": 0,
	"trans": [
			"type_id": "itt_phyiscal",
			"tran_no": "T-118263",
			"Site": "Site-001",
			"Item": "IN-001",
			"tran_time": "2021-05-01 10:21:22",
			"tran_user_id_": "1010",
			"note": "Stock receipt",
			"Store": "Store-001",
			"Bin": "A1.S1",
			"Qty": "2",
			"Unit": "Uom-001",
			"unit_cost_c": "128"

2. Multi-Currency  

A currency code (ISO 4217) may be included in a transaction for the unit price, along with an exchange rate to the system currency of Calem. The system currency of Calem is used if a currency is not included in a transaction.

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