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How to Change Asset Items in Assets?

Assets in Calem can be managed in inventory as asset items. Asset items are tracked individually in inventory through asset serial numbers. Asset item changes in assets are supported through a process defined here.

In the coming release of Calem Enterprise R2019b, asset item change is available as a menu in asset form. 

  • Enter the new asset item number for an asset
  • Calem will perform the change process behind scene.

 Use Case 1. Consolidate Item Numbers

One use case is to consolidate item numbers. More than one item number may be created for the same asset. In this case the asset item change menu can be used to consolidate asset item numbers by moving assets to one item number.

Use Case 2. Move Asset to New Asset Items

​Different asset item numbers may be used for the same asset based on their conditions. For instance, an asset item number 3359110 are used when an asset is received new. Once the same asset is refurbished, its asset item is changed to 3359110-R with suffix R indicating items refurbished. Asset item change menu simplifies the item number management in this case.

Bulk Asset Item Changes

Bulk asset item changes can be achieved through asset excel templates. Use the Calem asset template in this blog to populate asset tag and the new asset item number, upload the excel file to Calem to perform bulk asset item changes.

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