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How to Streamline Work Order Processes in Calem

Work orders are used to manage all the maintenance work including corrective and preventive maintenance activities. Work order status graph is used to describe work order processes.

This blog discusses the methods introduced in Calem Enterprise release R11c to streamline the work order processes. The methods monitor work order statuses and alert responsible parties when a work order is in a status for too long, or is behind a service level agreement.

1. Status Timespan Alerts

The duration of a work order in a status is monitored by Calem. If a work order overstays in a status, an alert is sent to parties responsible for the work order. Here are some sample use cases for this feature:

  • ​A new work order with priority P1 (highest) should be responded within 1 hours.
  • A work order on-hold for a third-party (such as power supply) should get an alert if the on-hold time is over 4 hours.
  • A work order completed should be reviewed within 1 day.

Status Timespan can be configured by work order priorities and category sets:
  • ​Menu path: Admin | Data Design | WO Status Timespan
  • Priority such as P1 (highest) is optional.
  • Category Set (such as PM, CM, etc.) is optional.

2. WO SLA Alarms

The time taken from one status to another is monitored by Calem. If the transition time is beyond a defined duration, an SLA (service level agreement) alarm is raised. Here are some sample use cases for this feature:

  • ​Work orders of P1 priority (the highest) must be resolved within 8 hours.
  • Work orders of P1 priority must be started within 2 hours after being created.

WO SLA terms are defined in contracts based on priorities and category sets.
  • ​Menu path: Contract | WO SLA list
  • Priority and category set are optional
  • From and to statuses are required
  • SLA due and SLA warning are optional

On-Hold Status

Work orders can be placed in On-Hold status due to reasons beyond the control of maintenance teams. So, SLA calculation will take into consideration of on-hold statuses and restart SLA calculation after work orders coming out of on-hold statuses. Additional on-hold statuses can be added in Calem based on your business needs.

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