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Calem Touch Installation

​Calem Touch is the mobile solution for field workers to use Calem Enterprise. Network connections are required to use Calem Touch. Changes made from Calem Touch are applied to Calem Enterprise in real time.

Calem Touch can be installed from iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets:

  • ​App Store for iOS devices
  • Google Play Store for Android devices
  • APK file directly for Android devices
​iOS App Store

Users of iPhone and iPad can search for "calemeam inc" in App Store to find the app

Android Play Store 

Users of Android phones and tablets users can search for "calemeam inc" from Play Store to find the app. Select "CalemEAM" app to install. "Calem Offline" is a solution for users without network connections most of the time.

Calem Touch APK Installation

For Android users without access to Google Play Store from their devices, a direct download link is available from CalemEAM at

Launch a browser from your Android device and point to the link above. Your device will download the APK file. Depending on your devices, you may need to find the APK file downloaded, touch it to start the installation process. The following screenshots are taken from Samsung Galaxy Avant (SM-G386T). 

Next, a security prompt is shown. Touch "Settings" to continue.

In the settings screen, touch to check "Unknown sources" to allow installing "CalemEAM.apk".

​Next, touch "OK" to complete the installation.

​Calem Touch Login

Launch Calem Touch after installation. A login screen is prompted. You may enter your Calem Cloud Service URL such as "", a login name and password to sign into your Calem Cloud service. 

  • If your Calem Enterprise is deployed on premise just use the same URL as the one you use from your desktop web browser.

For example, the following is used to sign into Calem Enterprise demo site:

​The home screen is displayed upon login. The modules are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Calem Touch is now successfully connected to your Calem Cloud service, or your one-premise installation. Calem Enterprise customers can reference Calem Touch user manuals for more information about configuration and customization of Calem Touch.

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