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Service Request without Login

The service request module in Calem allows an organization to capture issues from internal and external customers. There are a few options to report service requests. 

  • Service requests by users logged into Calem. Login users can report service requests from web or mobile applications.
  • Service requests by users without logging into Calem. This option allows an organization to enable issue reporting without purchasing user seats from Calem. This can be achieved in a few ways:
    • Report service requests from Calem Ajax Web without login. A user does not need to log into Calem to report a service request. The Ajax Web screen can be enabled in the login screen (see screenshot below), or embedded in an organization's web site.
    • Report service requests by email. An email box can be configured to submit service requests. Calem will read from this email box and create service requests in Calem.

Once a service request is entered, the service dispatchers are notified via email or text by Calem. The end users will get email notifications throughout their service request life cycles (from submission to closure).

Here is the screenshot of service request without login at the Calem Enterprise login screen. You can test drive the feature at

Customers can find more information about service requests and setup in Calem Enterprise User Guide and Admin Guide. 

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