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Vendor Setup

​Vendors are authorized suppliers for parts and services in maintenance operations. Calem allows you to set up vendors and items they supply by sites. After vendors are configured, they can be used in requisitions and purchase orders in Calem. This blog discusses the steps to set up vendors.

Step 1. Vendor

The first step is to create a vendor. The menu path is "Organization module | Open | Vendor list". 

 Use "+" to add new vendors. A vendor can have multiple sites as well. A default site is created for you when a new vendor is added. 

Step 2. Vendor Prices - Items Supplied by Vendor

Vendor Prices can be edited from Purchase | Open | Vendor Prices. You may add, edit or delete items supplied by vendor sites from the list directly.

That is all to set up vendors and their items. The vendors and items defined here can be used in requisition when adding items to a requisition. They can also be used in purchase orders. 

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