Upload Vendors and Prices

​Vendor setup is discussed in a previous blog here . This blog discusses the steps to upload vendors and prices. There are three steps to set up vendors and prices. Data Upload via Excel Templates Excel templates are available in Calem for every table so that data can be managed via excel files. See this blog for more information. Step 1. Vend...
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Access Control Profiles in Calem

Access control profiles, or ACL Profiles, can be configured to allow users of your organization and your customers to sign into Calem and access the data and menu actions allowed. ACL Profile Case 1: Internal Use Calem Enterprise is used by a manufacturing plant. The plant employees are the only users of Cale...
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Browsers for Calem AJAX and Touch Desktop

I have seen customers with corporate policies in place with selective browsers for Calem and other enterprise applications. In other cases customers have own choices about the browsers to use with Calem. This blog covers the browsers and our preferences for use with Calem Enterprise. AJAX Web Client The AJAX web client is the primary web inter...
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Login User Setup

​Users can be added to Calem through data entry forms, upload from excel files, import from LDAP servers, or auto-creation via email service requests. One can create as many users in Calem as needed. However, login users require license seats and profile configuration.  In this blog I will cover the steps to set up users to log ...
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List View Customization

 List views are used extensively in Calem Enterprise. They include: ​Main Data Lists such as work order lists Detail Data List such as scheduled labor lists for a work order Lookup List such as cost center lookup list Report List such as work order report list Report Detail List such as scheduled labor lists in work order print The customizati...
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Calem Enterprise Implementation Strategies

​Implementation strategies vary based on business requirements. We will discuss two common strategies in this blog. They have been proven by customers in the field. Strategy 1. Work Orders First This is the default implementation strategy as discussed in the iterative implementation blog . It starts with implementing work orders. Inventor...
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Data Upload Part 3: Preventive Maintenance

  This blog series demonstrate the data setup through uploading data from excel templates. Previous blogs include: ​Data Upload Part 1: Inventory Module Data Upload Part 2: Asset and Location Here are some background about excel templates and data upload: ​An excel data template is generated for each table in Calem. Customers can download the ...
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Data Upload Part 2: Asset and Location

This blog series demonstrate the data setup through uploading data from excel templates.  ​Data Upload Part 1: Inventory Module ​ Here are some background about excel templates and data upload: ​An excel data template is generated for each table in Calem. Customers can download the archive of all the templates at http://support.calemeam.com/vi...
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Data Setup Part 1: Inventory Setup

This blog series demonstrate the data setup through user interfaces. They can be used together with the data upload counterparts. For example, this blog can be used along with the data upload process for Inventory Setup . Inventory setup is also discussed in another blog at a higher level. Step 1. Manufacturer and Vendors Manufacturers and Vendors ...
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Multi-Currency in Calem Enterprise

Multi-Currency in Calem Enterprise allow organizations to operate sites across currency boundaries. The following use cases are supported: ​ Single-Currency. A single currency is used in an organization. Multi-Currency. Multi-currency is used in an organization. There is only one site in the organization.  Multi-Currency for Multiple Site...
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Access Control for Part Creation

​Role based access control is available in Calem Enterprise. See this blog for the complete list of customization you can do with Calem. We will cover user access control here. The use case is to limit parts creation:  ​ Only authorized users can create parts in Calem. The steps to achieve this goal include: ​ Create a user group for...
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Mass Update of Item Numbers

​Item numbering is key in inventory management. There are cases that item numbers need to be re-tuned based on changing business needs. This blog discusses a way in Calem to update item numbers in bulk. Step 1. Export Items The first step is to export items including IDs. The IDs are used to uniquely identify each item.  Go to Inventory module...
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Data Upload Part 1: Inventory Setup

​This blog series demonstrate the data setup through uploading data from excel templates.   Here are some background about excel templates and data upload: ​An e xcel data template is generated for each table in Calem. Customers can download the archive of all the templates at  http://support.calemeam.com/view.php?id=4046 ....
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Vendor Setup

​Vendors are authorized suppliers for parts and services in maintenance operations. Calem allows you to set up vendors and items they supply by sites. After vendors are configured, they can be used in requisitions and purchase orders in Calem. This blog discusses the steps to set up vendors. Step 1. Vendor The first step is to c...
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Fixed vs. Floating User Seats

Calem Enterprise Edition is an enterprise EAM/CMMS solution including advanced features and modules for enterprise customers. Customers can have as many users defined in Calem as needed. However, a valid license seat is required for a user to log into Calem. There are two types of user seat options: ​Option 1 -  Unlimited Users....
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Add Search Box to a Detail List

​A detail list is a list view in a master-detail form. For example, the requisition form has a detail list of items to be purchased. There are cases a detail list may have hundreds of records. Fortunately, you can add a search box to any detail list in Calem when needs arise.  I will use the requisition form as an example to demonstr...
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Configuration for Large Data Set

Calem Enterprise is engineered for performance at its core. The AjaxWeb client uses browsers to cache certain data sets for instant user interaction. For example, assets are pre-loaded and cached in the browsers.  This approach works well for data sets that are small to intermediate where record counts are from hundreds to ...
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Calem Touch Installation

​Calem Touch is the mobile solution for field workers to use Calem Enterprise. Network connections are required to use Calem Touch. Changes made from Calem Touch are applied to Calem Enterprise in real time. Calem Touch can be installed from iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets: ​App Store for iOS devices Google Play Store for Android devices A...
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Multiple Cloud Services for Business Units

Calem Cloud Services provide flexible choices for organizations to manage business units.  An organization can manage business units in a share Calem Cloud Service, or use multiple cloud services each for a business unit. This blog discusses the process of using multiple Calem Cloud Services with the services sharing the same customizatio...
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Data Extraction and Migration

Data extraction and migration are performed as organizations expand the use of Calem. For instance, an organization uses Calem Enterprise to manage its global maintenance operations including manufacturing plants. The organization decides to use Calem Cloud Service to manage manufacturing plants as a separate service. The plants data needs to ...
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