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Data Setup Part 1: Inventory Setup

This blog series demonstrate the data setup through user interfaces. They can be used together with the data upload counterparts. For example, this blog can be used along with the data upload process for Inventory Setup. Inventory setup is also discussed in another blog at a higher level.

Step 1. Manufacturer and Vendors

Manufacturers and Vendors are companies (table name: cm_company) in Calem. Vendors can be manufacturers and vice versa.

  • ​Menu path: Organization module | Open | Vendor list, or Manufacturer list
  • Use "+" button in the vendor or manufacturer list to create a new vendor or manufacturer
  • Set both vendor and manufacturer flag to true for a company being both a vendor and a manufacturer.

Step 2. Items and References

Create master part list with reference numbers for efficient sourcing.

  • Menu path: Inventory module | Items
  • Use "+" menu to create a new part number
  • Use reference list to add manufacturer numbers, vendor numbers, etc. for efficient sourcing. Manufacturer numbers will be printed in purchase orders.

Step 3. Storerooms and Locators

Storerooms are the places where you store parts. Locators are the codes of aisle, shelf and bin inside a storeroom. 

  • Menu path: Inventory module | Open | Store list. Create storeroom first. Next, add locators in the storeroom where parts are physically placed.
  • Use "+" in the locator list to add locators.

Step 4. Site Inventory

Site inventory defines the items tracked in sites. Site inventory is where quantities on hand and replenishing rules (Min/Max) are tracked.

  • Menu path: Inventory module | Site Inventories
  • Quantity on hands are managed through inventory transactions such as receiving, checkout, move and physical counting. They cannot be uploaded or modified manually at site inventories.
  • Transaction menu path: Inventory module | Transactions. 
    • "Receive to Stores" - to receive items
    • "Checkout" - to issue parts to work order or users
    • "Physical Count" - to set storeroom quantity on hand.
    • "Import Physical Count" - to upload physical counts from excel files

Step 5. Vendor Prices
Vendor prices setup include vendors, vendor authorization for sites, and items supplied by vendors. See my blog Vendor Setup for more information.

That is all for inventory setup. Customers of CalemEAM can reference Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information, or reach out to support team at CalemEAM for quick responses.

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