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Work Order Layouts by Category

This feature is planned for Calem Enterprise R11a ​available in April 2018. It helps customers implement the following business case:

  • ​An organization uses different work order forms and prints based on work order categories. Each form layout allows customers to set a different set of required fields to be completed. For instance, work order categories of PM, corrective and calibration have different sets of fields required. 

I will discuss the processes to implement this feature.

Step 1. Custom Fields

The first step is to identify fields required for all the different work order categories. See this blog for adding custom fields.

Step 2. Work Order Categorizations
The second step is to identify the different layouts needed and create a work order categorization for each layout.
  • Menu path: Organization module | Codes | Categorization List​

Step 3. Work Order Layouts

In this step you will create custom layouts for each work order categorization identified.

  • ​Menu path: Organization module | Codes | Categorization Tree
  • Click on a WO categorization created above. Then, click on "Asset" tab, click "Form Design" to select "Custom System" group for design.
  • Click on "WO" tab. Create a WO if there are no work orders in the list. This work order will be used for layout design.
  • Click "WOs" to open the WO list for customization. Click a row in the WO list and start customizing forms (for read/edit) and work order print.

Step 4. Set Category Layout

Finally, go to dropdown design (Admin Guide | Data Design | Dropdown, select "cm_wo_category") and edit each category and set a categorization for layout to use. If not defined, the work order's categorization will be used for layout.
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