There are cases a Calem admin needs to turn off Calem Mobile. For instance, a Calem admin is working on processes and screen customization for Calem web. The same will be done for Calem Mobile at a later time. It would make sense to turn off Calem Mobile for the time being.

This blog discusses steps a Calem admin can take to turn off Calem Mobile per user profiles.

1. "Setting" Module

The "Setting" module is provided for Calem Mobile. It has two menu items - see the screenshot of the module design.

  • Log out of Calem Mobile
  • Change the language of Calem Mobile

This module will be used to turn off Calem Mobile. A user with only access to this module has no access to data of Calem.

  • A user logs into Calem Mobile
  • The options the user can do are a) to log out or b) to change the language of the mobile interface.

 2. "PHONE-NA" Group

Create a group in Admin module to have only access to "Setting" module. For instance, the group is called "PHONE-NA" (no access) in this blog. You may use another name. 

  • Go to the group tree in Admin Module 
  • Right click on "PHONE" to create a child group "PHONE-NA"
  • Right click on "PHONE-NA" to do group design
  • Assign only "Setting" module to the group

 3. Assign "PHONE-NA" to Profiles

Set "PHONE-NA" to phone, tablet and touch to turn off Calem Mobile for a profile.

  • Menu: Organization | ACL Profiles | ACL Profile List
  • Edit an ACL profile
  • Set "PHONE-NA" to phone, tablet and touch groups.
  • Users of this profile will only have "Setting" module when logged in from Calem Mobile (phone, tablet or touch).