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Barcode for Physical Count

Barcode module has been added in Calem Enterprise R10f. It allows storeroom staff to manage inventory transactions efficiently through barcode labels. You may use a barcode printer such as Honeywell PC43T to print barcode labels and place them on your inventory items.

The barcode module supports physical count and checkout transactions. In this blog I will cover the Physical Count transaction. The checkout transaction will be covered in a future blog.

The barcode module includes workflow screens to simplify the physical count transactions to a few clicks with barcode scanners:

  • A fixed scanner connected to a PC via USB or other means. For instance, Honeywell Xenon 1900​.
  • A wireless scanner that is Android-based. For instance, Honeywell CT50​.
It is ideal to carry a wireless scanner and perform inventory counts in a storeroom. Calem Touch for Android should be installed from Google Play in your wireless scanner device.

A physical count transaction can be completed through a barcode scan and a few clicks. In the screenshot below, an item's barcode is scanned, Calem fills out the item information, one can use "+" and "-" to adjust quantity in stock, then, click "Save" to record the correct physical count for the item.

If the item scanned has more than one locators in the storeroom, Calem will prompt the list of locators for one to pick a locator to count. 

If you do not have an Android-based barcode scanner device, you may use your iPhone/iPad, or Android Phone/Tablet and use their built-in camera to scan barcode. Just load the Calem Touch for iOS/Android, you are ready to go.

If you do not have a wireless scanner but have a fixed scanner, you may use a touch screen PC and Calem Touch for Desktop to complete a physical count through barcode scan and a few touch-screen clicks.

Finally, you may also operate the physical count transaction in the barcode module in AJAX Web client or Calem Touch for Desktop without scanners. The workflow screens are optimized regardless if a scanner is available.

Calem prompts you to select a storeroom when barcode module is launched. All the transactions performed will be for this storeroom. You may switch storeroom at any time.

See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.

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