Advanced Features in Calem Enterprise

Calem Enterprise is the flagship offering from CalemEAM. It includes a rich set of enterprise features originated from deep customer engagement.

Product Features Notes
Workflow and Alerts for Service Alarms, Work Orders and Service Requests. Technicians and customers can get email notifications when work orders or service requests are assigned or changed.
Multi-Organization, Multi-Site and Multi-Location for Internal and Customer Service Management. Internal and external customers can access Calem Enterprise based on data access control profiles.
Role-based Access Control and Fine-Grained Customization of Modules, Menus, Forms and Reports Access controls based on job roles can be configured for user interface screens (modules, menu, fields and tabs of forms and reports).
Single-Sign-On (SSO) Integration Both SAML SSO and LDAP integration are provided for secured user access management.
Email Submission of Service Requests Calem Enterprise will create service requests based on user emails and notify service dispatchers.
Advanced Contracts with Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLA Monitoring and Reports. SLA violations are reported as email alerts and shown in the dashboard.
Advanced Assets. Asset Tree, Locations for Assets, Asset and Location Based Service Requests and Work Orders. Hierarchical tree view of sites, locations and assets. Asset groups and categories allow for efficient asset management.
Service Request Module with Color-coded Service Requests and Workflow Notifications. Service request module allow both internal and external customers to submit issues. Work orders can be created for issues requiring further actions.
Advanced Work Orders with Color-coded Work Orders, Workflow Notifications, Repair processes and multi-asset. Work orders are integrated with inventory module for efficient repair processes. Multi-asset PMs streamline inspection processes.
Weekly work order scheduling board with drag-n-drop. Resource calendars and scheduling. Maintenance managers and planners can easily view job assignments in a weekly calendar or a two-dimensional board.
Advanced Multi-Site Inventory. Serialized items are tracked individually. Multi-Site, Multi-Storeroom inventory allows organizations to manage inventory with global numbers and references across business units.
Advanced Preventive Maintenance (PM) with PM Plans and PM with Multiple Assets. PM Plans includes maintenance tasks and schedules. They can be defined and deployed to assets and locations for efficient maintenance operations.
Change Management Processes for change management including review, approval and execution.
CMDB Category attributes to manage both assets and configuration items.
Barcode Efficient inventory management through barcodes. Calem supports iPhone and Android phones as barcode scanners along with Android barcode and USB scanners.
Advanced Dashboard Many key performance indicators are provided in the dashboard module.
Failure Module Failure modules include failure codes, root-cause and action codes.
Advanced Ajax Web User Interface with drag-n-drop and drilldown. Free style search in list views, auto-completion with business logic enforced, and object links in record views.
Calem Touch for iPhone/iPads and Android phone/tablets. Calem Touch interface is also available as desktop interfaces for Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers.
Calem REST API and Change Event Subscription Customers can build integration solution using Calem REST API and subscribing to data change stream in Calem

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