Calem Enterprise R10m in April 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10m on April 30, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10m is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Multiple words expression in free text search
  • Hide work orders by status based on dropdown set
  • Week number added in weekly schedule screen
  • Inventory checked out not showing planned parts
  • Handle date as datetime in data upload
  • Misc improvement to Calem Offline
  • A total of 32 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10m

5372  [PM] PM calendar showing due date color at end date
5370  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet client end time.
5368  [Calem Offline (Android)] Will be back to add a solution note.
5364  [Calem Offline (Android)] Work order signature is blank in PDF printout.
5362  [Dashboard] PM summary mismatch with client data.
5360  [Work order] Work order hidden by status excluded.
5358  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline client version control.
5356  [Calem Offline (Android)] Work order parts usage not cleared.
5354  [Calem Offline (Android)] Allow adding data in background sync.
5353  [PM] Step repository list not showing.
5352  [Search] Free text search to support keywords and.
5350  [Asset] Parent asset location lookup filtering.
5348  [Contract] Add asset group and note to the contract screen.
5346  [Work order] Custom sort order for work order labor.
5344  [I18n (Localization)] Supporting date format dd-mmm-yyyy.
5342  [Asset] Allow free text search in asset activity log.
5340  [Contract] Contract was created with a disabled site.
5338  [Calem Offline (Android)] Multiple sync process in place.
5336  [Inventory] Inventory checkout not showing planned parts.
5334  [System] Single quote in user name.
5332  [Calem Offline (Android)] Sync failure with error message.
5328  [Asset] Asset status report got an error.
5326  [Calem Mobile] Unable to view site item stock in tablet app.
5324  [Calem Offline (Android)] Add email to address info page.
5320  [Database] Update exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded;.
5318  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] City is not required field when defining Zip.
5316  [Integration] Upload to handle date format as datetime.
5314  [Schedule] Add week # in weekly schedule screen.
5313  [Inventory] Removal of site store blocked by tran reference.
5312  [Inventory] Store id is null.
5310  [Requisition] Add REQ priority to req line list.
5308  [Requisition] Enable editing REQ Item from REQ item list.

Calem Enterprise R10l in March 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10l on March 31, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10l is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Calendar view for meter readings
  • Open Work Order Board of Assignment
  • Requisition Approval Routing
  • PM Child work orders not generating
  • Location added to Asset Relation Graph
  • Work order search to support shift time
  • A total of 18 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10l

5298  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline sync to make background process.
5296  [Work order] Child PM not generating work orders.
5292  [Asset] Add child asset from Asset's Child Asset Tab.
5290  [User Interface] Turn on refresh menu at record read screen.
5289  [Work scheduling] Dispatch board closed when click "Show Inactive".
5288  [Inventory] Inventory items changed to items.
5282  [Requisition] REQ approval based on supervisors.
5280  [Asset] Adding location to asset label in asset graph.
5276  [Dashboard] Work order logbook to support date range and time query.
5274  [Work order] Work order search by native MySQL not working.
5272  [Work order] Work order status change error message.
5270  [I18n (Localization)] Italian langugage pack showing datetime with time only.
5268  [Asset] Asset Group to add Position.
5267  [Setup] Cloud service production to test sync.
5252  [Calem Offline (Android)] User full name is not populated in offline client list.
5250  [Work order] A place to show users and tickets assigned.
5222  [Asset] Meter reading in calendar view with coloring based on triggers.
4790  [Work order] WO comments scrolling issue.

Calem Enterprise R10k in February 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10k on February 25, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10k is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Calem Barcode for Windows 10 Touch Screen
  • Work order time to close report
  • Work order listing with asset sub-category
  • Calem Offline client enhancements for customer inventory
  • Calem Offline editing lost at screen rotation
  • PHP email address validation removed
  • A total of 25 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10k

5246  [Calem Offline (Android)] Site inventory and stock ordering.
5244  [Calem Offline (Android)] Supporting 4 fields list view.
5242  [Calem Offline (Android)] Site inventory to show site/item.
5240  [Calem Offline (Android)] Custom site inventory sync in offline.
5238  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline stock lookup query improvement.
5236  [Calem Offline (Android)] Customer inventory not downloaded in offline client.
5235  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Set customer site out of service got an error.
5234  [Service Request] Email validation by PHP.
5232  [Asset] Location status in lookup filtering.
5230  [Calem Offline (Android)] Comments lost when screen orientation changes.
5224  [Work order] WO labor cost report with asset sub-category.
5220  [Inventory] Site inventory failure screen from Items.
5218  [Calem Offline (Android)] Unable to find a serial number in offline client.
5216  [Asset] Serial number and asset group out of sync.
5214  [Work order] Work orders time to close report.
5212  [Barcode] Windows 10 Touch Screen problems.
5210  [Asset] Historical meter reading with current reading as previous reading.
5208  [Calem Offline (Android)] Custom required field for offline.
5207  [Work order] WO Generation error message.
5206  [Calem Offline (Android)] Solution note not showing in signature page.
5199  [Work order] Work order print design not showing.
5195  [User Interface] User screen blank after login.
5182  [Asset] Allow direct edit of "Category" for assets.
5180  [Report] Site comments HTML content caused 5 blank lines.
5177  [Dashboard] Meter Chart unable to find meter.

Calem Enterprise R10j in January 2017

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10j on January 15, 2017. Calem Enterprise 10j is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Open Work Order KPI by Department
  • MyDropdowns for Offline Client
  • Asset Failure Report
  • Meter Reading Graph
  • Cross-site Inventory Movement
  • Limited Site Inventory for offline
  • Alternative Inventory Parts
  • Offline client sync with mobile network connection
  • PM Forecasting by Meters
  • Enable Object Links in list view
  • A total of 24 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10i

5174  [Asset] Failure frequency report by asset.
5172  [Work order] Empty comment lines in work order comments.
5168  [Work order] Batch status command for custom status.
5166  [Calem Offline (Android)] MyDropdown not supported on the tablet.
5164  [Work order] Work-assignment report weekly view blank.
5160  [Dashboard] Work order open KPI by department.
5155  [Calem Offline (Android)] Unable to update work orders in a tablet.
5154  [Work order] Allow category to be removed.
5152  [Work order] Option to allow "Assigned by" filled manually.
5150  [Report] Work order PDF printout overlapping.
5148  [Calem Offline (Android)] Limit site inventory downloaded to offline tablet.
5146  [Calem Offline (Android)] Sync failure with cellular connections.
5144  [Inventory] Cross-site inventory movement.
5142  [Contract] Asset contract listing.
5140  [PM] PM Calendar display.
5134  [Asset] Meter Reading Graph.
5128  [Inventory] Alternative part list.
5126  [Calem Offline (Android)] Project not shown in WO in the offline client.
5124  [Work order] Work order project lookup filtering.
5122  [Work order] Project name not shown in child WO creation.
5120  [User Interface] Data links in list view.
5106  [Document] Tie readme to manual changes.
5026  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Company code not entered when creating an address from lookup.
1699  [PM] PM meter reading forecast or estimate?.

Calem Enterprise R10i in December 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10i on December 11, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10i is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Default work order sorting by last updated
  • PM Plan creation from work orders
  • Work order status control by assignment
  • Work order status control by labor
  • Work Order Archiving and Purging
  • Inventory receiving to multiple stores
  • Audit logs for software objects
  • Multi-work order canceling
  • Active flag for failure codes
  • Offline tablet address cut-off
  • My timesheet report
  • A total of 33 cases addressed

Support Cases Resolved in R10i

5103  [User Interface] Enable color fields in my clock/my time.
5100  [Work order] Labor entry in My Clock.
5096  [Calem Offline (Android)] Stock list not searching for item number.
5093  [Work order] Work order labor change not checking status control.
5092  [Work order] Work order job role not filled out.
5091  [PM] PM Pattern and Sequence to hide.
5088  [Designer] Multi-select in list view customization is not working.
5086  [Work order] Create PM Plan from Work Order.
5084  [Lookup] Failure codes to support active flag.
5080  [Calem Offline (Android)] Site Address links not showing in tablet offline.
5078  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet three lines addresses cut-off.
5072  [PM] PM Inspection report.
5068  [Calem Mobile] CmConf.mb.js to include in release.
5066  [Calem Offline (Android)] Initial offline sync error.
5062  [User Interface] Dropdown not working at bottom of the screen.
5060  [User Interface] IE 11 dropdown issue.
5058  [Search] Search screen checkbox saved for all.
5056  [Work order] Multiple WO status transition from "Ready to Schedule".
5054  [Work order] Multi-WO canceling.
5052  [Work order] Work Order Status control by "Assigned to".
5050  [Inventory] Project inventory should be filtered in checkout.
5048  [Project] Setting customer (not customer site) at project got an error.
5046  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Merge duplicate users.
5044  [Inventory] Inventory serialized list screen open error.
5042  [Work order] WO downtime auto-fill end time.
5040  [Software Asset] Change logs for software object.
5036  [PM] Duplicate PM work orders.
5034  [Work order] Work order sort by last-modified descending.
5032  [PM] Boilerplate PM Plans were deleted while in use.
5030  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Adding accepter from site should filter by the site.
5014  [Work order] Work-based status control by Labor.
4718  [General] Large history data 100,000. Should we purge.
3352  [General] Receiving to Multiple Stores.

Calem Enterprise R10g in November 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10g on November 1, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10g is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Work Order Summary KPI
  • Work Order KPI by Department
  • Work Order editing by status control
  • Work Order Clone
  • Requisition and Purchase Order Clone
  • Receiving to work order directly
  • Asset bill of material auto-building
  • A total of 39 cases addressed in R10g

Support Cases Resolved in R10g

5007  [Report] PHPExcel upgraded to latest release.
5006  [Calem Offline (Android)] Item numbers not shown in planned part lookup.
5004  [Inventory] Private store owner user setup.
5000  [Designer] Customizing mySearchSelectList causing login failure.
4998  [Analysis] Open WO Summary KPI.
4996  [Work order] Open WO list order changed.
4994  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Contract scope by site enforcement.
4990  [Inventory] Extra serial number entry.
4988  [Inventory] Misleading message in serial number entry.
4986  [Inventory] Receiving items to filter project per inventory site.
4984  [Project] Project closed status not showing.
4983  [Purchase] PO Clone.
4982  [Requisition] REQ Clone.
4981  [Purchase] Remove item from site vendor list.
4980  [Asset] Meter readings : add the same value to several meters.
4972  [Asset] Parts Usage from Asset Form.
4970  [Asset] Bill of material auto-build out.
4968  [Work order] Work Order Clone.
4966  [Calem Mobile] All WO list is blank from Calem Touch.
4964  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Dept lookup is blank in creating users.
4962  [Dashboard] KPI for a department.
4960  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default tech for a site.
4958  [Dashboard] PM Created/Completed to have year to date function.
4956  [Service Request] To show requester name in anonymous SR entry.
4954  [Inventory] Receiving to work order directly.
4952  [Service Request] SR default priority enhancement.
4950  [Document] Document upload error shown garbled messages.
4948  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User duplicate by full name.
4946  [PM] WO status in PM not carried over to WO.
4942  [Work order] WO status control extending to editing.
4940  [Inventory] Allow search by item # in locator level list.
4936  [Inventory] Add Doc_Url field to item master.
4932  [Dashboard] WO summary by dept to have a PM counts.
4930  [Requisition] REQ item filtering based on WO planned part.
4928  [Requisition] REQ work order filtering by REQ site.
4926  [Contract] Adding multi-asset to a contract.
4924  [Vendor] Site vendor assignment not editable.
4922  [PM] Documents in PM plan.
4920  [Project] Project Customer site lookup should depend on service site.

Calem Enterprise R10f in September 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10f on September 15, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10f is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Barcode module for inventory transactions
  • Work order department summary dashboard
  • Drag and Drop to add multiple attachments
  • Tracking parts for outside repair
  • Option to have Dashboard without Flash Player
  • A total of 25 cases of enhancemens and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10f

4918  [Inventory] Minimum value of 0 not enforced.
4916  [Asset] Asset part quantity cannot be updated.
4912  [Work order] Work Order to track parts out for repair.
4910  [Dashboard] Add department summary dashboard.
4908  [PM] Release schedule of PM Plan invalid check.
4906  [Inventory] Cannot remove checked serial numbers.
4904  [Contract] Contract type overflows and display is muddy.
4902  [Work order] "Assigned to" not filtering out "Disallowed" list.
4901  [Inventory] Replace label "Uom" by "Unit".
4900  [Work order] Add dept code in cost center.
4898  [Analysis] Error during export WO analysis.
4896  [PM] Had to add doc first before adding to PM plan.
4894  [Inventory] Site Inventory import not copying from items.
4890  [Requisition] REQ server voided handling.
4889  [Requisition] "Invalid" menu showing in REQ read screen.
4888  [Work order] current date as default value for WO time needed.
4886  [Inventory] Locator for Serialized items cannot be set.
4884  [Document] WO Upload file name shown incorrectly.
4882  [Requisition] Project BOM order info to show.
4880  [Work order] Attachments when creating WO from SR.
4878  [Work order] Multi-attachment addition in WO and SR.
4876  [Document] Drag & Drop to add attachement.
4874  [License] Display license information from inside Calem.
4590  [Inventory] Barcode for inventory transactions.
3569  [General] Dashboard to remove dependency on flash.

Calem Enterprise R10e in August 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10e on August 8, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10e is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Lock-out/Tag-out process
  • PM copy/paste
  • Repositories for PM safety measures and steps
  • Open WO alerts by priorities
  • Add device images in asset relationship diagrams
  • KPI-10: WO open for 10 days by dept/month
  • Dashboard graph maximization
  • Project BOM by quanity
  • A total of 22 cases of enhancemens and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10e

4871  [User Interface] Remove "At" from date time edit form.
4870  [Work order] WO Open menu simplification.
4868  [Asset] Unable to add parts from asset group.
4866  [PM] Rework "SLA value"/UOM in PM screen.
4863  [Work order] Dates are empty when printing a WO.
4861  [PM] PM uniqueness by asset/location/pmPlan.
4860  [PM] Coloring PM Plan by status.
4858  [PM] PM Safety repository.
4856  [PM] PM Cloning.
4854  [Work order] Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedure.
4852  [Inventory] Inventory checkout transaction.
4848  [Work order] Work Order open email alerts.
4845  [PM] PM to use datetime for last done.
4844  [PM] PM/PM Plan defaults.
4843  [Requisition] Requisition item view edit error.
4842  [Requisition] REQ order by last modified time.
4840  [Asset] Add device image in asset diagram.
4832  [Dashboard] KPI-10: WO open for 10 days by dept/month.
4830  [Dashboard] Avg time spent (hour) per WO/dept/year chart small.
4816  [General] PO Editing enforcement.
4806  [General] Project BOM by quantity.

Calem Enterprise R10d in July 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10d on July 5, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10d is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, and Calem Offline for Android Tablet are included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Work Order duplicate check in WO creation
  • Spanish language pack
  • WO Step enforcement by status
  • WO generation future days window ("Days ahead") auto-configuration
  • Calem Mobile for Android upgraded to latest Cordova release
  • Calem Offline part lookup by note
  • Alternate workflow reply email in notifications
  • Allow user to kick off WO generation and user schedule generation from client
  • Multi-selection data entry enhancement
  • New KPIs for work orders
  • A total of 40 cases of enhancemens and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10d

4820  [User Interface] WO duplicate view caption centered.
4818  [Designer] Missing data fields causing forms not to open.
4814  [Purchase] Drop-ship address support.
4813  [Analysis] WO Created daily/monthly by category/origin.
4812  [Inventory] Auto-reordering was not enabled at creation.
4810  [User Interface] Empty value not showing properly in edit screen.
4804  [Asset] Problem to implement attributes for sub-category.
4802  [Work order] WO Start clock is broken in TaskView.
4801  [Calem Mobile] WO On-Hold status does not allow comments.
4796  [Inventory] UPC code for items.
4794  [Inventory] Project setting to all the stock items.
4792  [Work order] Have item description and note in PM and WO.
4789  [PM] Minor changes to PM.
4788  [Designer] Dropdown customization default.
4786  [Workflow] Not "new comment" notification if comment is empty.
4784  [General] Available languages.
4782  [System] API calls got error.
4780  [PM] "Days ahead" to be less than the schedule.
4779  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Error in ACL profile multi-sites.
4778  [Calem Mobile] Upgrade Cordova for Calem Mobile.
4776  [Workflow] Alternate reply email for workflow notifications.
4775  [PM] Custom fields from asset to PM.
4774  [Work order] Lookup multi-selection to simplify data entry.
4772  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline part # lookup.
4770  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline editing is lost when sync starts.
4768  [Work order] WO Step enforcement by status.
4766  [Work order] Duplicate WO detection.
4765  [Database] "cmv_in_skill" error in web installation.
4762  [Work order] Work order to order by request time.
4758  [Calem Mobile] Layout not found for WO: My request.
4756  [Calem Mobile] Cost center lookup is empty.
4754  [Work order] WO Planner requirement for dispatch board/weekly scheduler.
4753  [Inventory] Add items in store list.
4752  [Inventory] Enable locator requirement by default.
4748  [Dashboard] New KPI for work orders.
4744  [Work order] WO Acceptance.
4742  [Work order] WO checkout with planned parts (administrator) - resolved.
4736  [Setup] Allow user to kick off WO generation.
4728  [Work order] Work order task view.
4727  [Asset] Asset relationship diagram enabling.

Calem Enterprise R10c in May 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10c on May 31, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10c is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • New Key performance indicators for work orders
  • Graph relation diagram for assets and non-assets
  • Enhancement of skill matching in work order assignment
  • Enhancement of saved search with list forms
  • Vendor list in Calem Touch
  • Work order step enforcement by site
  • Enhancement of PDF printing in work orders
  • Inventory physical count export
  • Custom dropdown set by site
  • Add items to PO directly
  • Inventory store prices for new and used parts
  • A total of 52 support cases of enhancements and bug fixes in the release

Support Cases Resolved in R10c

4714  [PM] Create WO from PM Plan or PM.
4709  [User Interface] User screen add ACL profile lookup selection.
4708  [Search] Saved search change till tab-off.
4707  [Asset] Meter reading deletion enhancements.
4704  [Asset] Multi-Selection for Asset Spares.
4702  [Work order] Change "New" status color to Orange.
4700  [Work order] Number of actual part lines in WO Print.
4698  [Work order] WO Print PDF doc scaling off.
4696  [User Interface] Select all only selects 40 rows in lookup.
4694  [Calem Mobile] Add Vendor list to Calem Touch.
4692  [Work order] RMA status tracking in WO.
4690  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Skill Matching not requiring all options.
4688  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Skill settings options.
4686  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User cloning with details.
4684  [Asset] Reading type change from meter group to meters.
4682  [Asset] Default meter reading type to gauge.
4680  [PM] Remove "Repeat schedule" from PM by default.
4678  [Work order] PM Auto-assignment to use time of PM due.
4676  [Work order] WO approved status to blue.
4674  [Search] Search selection to change to lists.
4673  [Search] Search admin changes require a login to be effective.
4672  [Work order] Add stock searches for WO statuses.
4670  [Inventory] Default item category to "Part".
4668  [Purchase] Add items to PO directly.
4666  [Inventory] Used parts pricing vs new parts.
4664  [Work order] PDF document not printed in WO.
4662  [Purchase] PO PDF print not working.
4660  [PM] To hide start and until in repeat schedule by default.
4658  [Service Request] SR and WO email notifications not received.
4656  [Asset] Work orders in asset status report.
4654  [Asset] Asset status report excel template.
4652  [Work order] Child PM generation issue.
4648  [Inventory] Turning off Min/Max order control at insertion time.
4646  [Inventory] List of report for Inventory and Site Inventory.
4644  [Work order] Adding note to work order part/tool for print.
4643  [Work order] Inspection list in WO.
4640  [Designer] Pin Group form at Design mode.
4638  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Admin ACL profile user customization.
4636  [Work order] WO Step enforcement.
4634  [Inventory] Physical count export for import.
4632  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Address by zip code.
4630  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Missing "+" in Country lookup.
4629  [Training] Training user add unique constraint.
4628  [Document] Document in Doc ACL Site form is empty.
4627  [Inventory] Hide reorder point for inventory.
4626  [Analysis] Asset downtime drilldown list title is null.
4624  [Work order] "More" menu dropdown for WOs to print is too long.
4623  [Work order] WO creation screen simplified.
4622  [Work order] WO TaskView grayed out on CreditHold.
4596  [Asset] Graph Relationships of CI type and sub-types for CMDB.
4558  [Admin] Customize dropdown list by site.
4466  [Work order] WO dashboard for Year-to-day and past two months.

Calem Enterprise R10b in April 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10b on April 3, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10b is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Relationships of asset categories and sub-categories
  • New Work order summary dashboard
  • New change management dashboard
  • Restoring deleted data from recycle-bin
  • Support dropdowns match in free text search
  • Many other enhancemens and bug fixes

Support Cases Resolved in R10b

4594  [Asset] Custom field query of asset group from assets.
4592  [Work order] WO cost center to copy from asset/location.
4588  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] ACL profile adding users with filtering.
4586  [Dashboard] New WO Summary dashboard.
4582  [Dashboard] WO print list.
4581  [Asset] Asset tab for asset category form.
4580  [Designer] Use Phone as default customization for Tablet/Touch.
4579  [User Interface] "Primary failure" changed to "Failure".
4578  [User Interface] Lang option is not set at login screen.
4576  [Data Upload] Adding first column as comment.
4575  [Dashboard] Dashboard initial height adjustment.
4574  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default values for Users.
4572  [Work order] WO sched hours based on PM Plan hours.
4570  [Inventory] Inventory category to set to Part if null.
4568  [User Interface - Designer] "Clean up" button for UI design.
4565  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Adding company listing report.
4564  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default company and site to manufacturer.
4562  [System] Recover deleted records from recycle-bin.
4560  [Inventory] Adding "Item type" to stock list in checking out.
4559  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC status color-coded.
4556  [Database] Extend email addr field length.
4554  [Work order] "Open WO" menu was moved.
4551  [Dashboard] WO dashboard summary lists consolidation.
4550  [Work order] Export open work order got exception.
4548  [User Interface - Designer] Custom field label was lost.
4546  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC to show most recently requested first.
4545  [User Interface] Lookup field to respond to field clear stroke.
4543  [MOC (Management of Change)] Change MOC/RCM/PM with texts.
4537  [Data Upload] Data upload to open the upload list form.
4536  [Work order] Site disallowed not enforced at scheduled labor.
4534  [Work order] Unable to schedule users to work order.
4530  [Work order] Asset or location prompt for WO/SR.
4528  [MOC (Management of Change)] Merge status notes into MOC comments.
4527  [Search] Support dropdown match in free text search.
4525  [MOC (Management of Change)] TaskView switching to active tab.
4524  [Data Upload] Default asset/location status to active.
4522  [Work order] Default start time for downtime to WO request time.
4515  [Asset] Asset meter view error.
4514  [Work order] Time is a day earlier when generating WO by "Last released".
4512  [PM] Add PDF print with doc number for PM Plan.
4510  [Work order] Doc number not printed in terminal WO PDF.
4508  [Asset] Extra fields for asset.
4507  [Database] Remove unique index (external_id).
4506  [Document] Upload doc with Chinese name failed.
4505  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC review sections in MOC planning stage.
4504  [Asset] View MOCs from Asset/Location.
4502  [MOC (Management of Change)] Rework "RFI" status.
4500  [Data Upload] Data upload plug-in for custom data.
4446  [Asset] Relationships of CI type and sub-types for CMDB.

Calem Enterprise R10a in February 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10a on February 29, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10a is a release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Work order permits
  • Work order task view
  • MOC task view
  • Work order time by site time zones
  • Date time export in excel with time zone information

Support Cases Resolved in R10a

4498  [Asset] Unable to load meters for locations.
4496  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC pre-reviewed status and OnWo status (administrator) - resolved.
4494  [Setup] Datetime field export error.
4490  [Inventory] Inventory checkout blank screen.
4489  [Data Upload] Datetime export in excel.
4488  [Work order] Time display by time zones for work orders.
4484  [MOC (Management of Change)] New workflows for MOC.
4482  [Work order] New workflows for WO.
4480  [Data Upload] Data upload added a lookup by its ID.
4478  [Asset] Additional fields for assets.
4476  [Work order] Additional fields for premature ending of WO.
4474  [Work order] Work order completion info extended.
4473  [License] Fixed user license entry.
4472  [Work order] WO Safety Notes renamed to Safety Measures and Lookups.
4470  [Inventory] Inventory transaction export failure.
4469  [User Interface] Session invalid prompt followed by leaving page prompt.
4464  [Work order] WO print changes for permits, etc..
4462  [Work order] Special Work Permits for work orders.
4460  [Calem Offline (Android)] Android default sync timeouts.

Calem Enterprise R10 in January 2016

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 10 on January 23, 2016. Calem Enterprise 10 is a major release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Calem Touch, the interface for mobile and desktop, is included in this release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Category and sub-category attributes for assets.
  • Auto-uploading meter readings.
  • Scheduled reports and email notification.
  • Corrective work orders from meter triggers
  • Custom fields to support dropdown and lookup fields
  • Turning off boiler-plate PM steps at PM Plans
  • Import from exported excel files.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes.

Support Cases Resolved in R10

4456  [Work order] WO print with dual-language labels.
4452  [Work order] WO description to be set per failure code.
4450  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default team setup at user level.
4449  [Integration] Export and Import support.
4448  [Asset] Sub-category added to asset groups.
4444  [Asset] Asset list form showing scrollbars.
4443  [User Interface] Toolbar dropdown menu to auto-open when flying over.
4442  [Asset] Asset class to be replaced with rebuildable.
4441  [Asset] Asset auto-numbering by sub-category.
4440  [Asset] Asset type renamed to Asset Group.
4439  [User Interface] Use "Close" icon as cancel.
4438  [User Interface] Lookup forms to show like a popup screen.
4437  [User Interface] Remove "+"/"-"/Refresh from read screen.
4436  [Designer] Table/dropdown design form menu change.
4435  [Search] Free text search enhancement.
4434  [User Interface] Hide "Open" menu.
4432  [Schedule] Weekly schedule sort by team.
4430  [Asset] Meter transactions upload regularly.
4428  [Asset] Meter trigger to generate a corrective work order.
4426  [Work order] Open WO full screen from reports.
4425  [Work order] Cannot open WO from WO Downtime report.
4424  [PM] Turning off boiler plate PM steps at PM Plan.
4422  [Report] Scheduled monthly report of open work orders.
4420  [Contract] Contract asset lookup filtering not applied.
4398  [Asset] Asset type specific attributes.
2644  [General] Custom Fields to Support Dropdowns.

Calem Enterprise R9.0j in November 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0j on November 30, 2015. This is a maintenance release with enhancements.
  • Unplanned downtime for work orders
  • Workflow enhancements
  • Required dropdown fields in Service request

List of Cases in R9.0j

4404  [Work order] WO Completion screen RCM fields required.
4403  [User Interface] HTTP HEAD requests.
4400  [Workflow] Workflow enhancements.
4396  [Service Request] Make SR priority and category required fields.
4391  [Work order] Unplanned downtime in work orders.
4386  [Service Request] Close SRs that have WOs closed.

Calem Enterprise R9.0i in October 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0i on October 19, 2015. This is a feature release with bug fixes.
  • Users not allowed for site/customer
  • Field links removed in list views

List of Cases in R9.0i

4376  [Work order] WO Picklist is empty.
4375  [Work order] Wrong site inventory opened from part link in WO.
4374  [Work order] WO parts checkout error.
4372  [User Interface] Keep a form that cannot be bumped.
4370  [Setup] PHP 5.5 and 5.6 for Calem.
4368  [Project] Create WO for a project task.
4366  [Admin] Open a user seat row got an error message.
4320  [Schedule] Tech ‘do not send list’.
4276  [User Interface] Remove links at the list view.

Calem Enterprise R9.0h in October 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0h on October 5, 2015. This is a maintenance release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • Work order history tab
  • Weekly schedule enhancements
  • Batch asset/location change in work orders
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes

List of Cases in R9.0h

4364  [Work scheduling] Schedule Description.
4362  [Schedule] PTO or Training Time Block.
4360  [Work order] Asset/Location changes in batch.
4358  [PM] Adding custom fields to PM/WO.
4354  [Work order] PM WO completed quick view.
4350  [Work order] RCM codes not showing when completing work orders.
4345  [User Interface] Group form closing caused its tab left dangling.
4146  [General] RCM for tablet offline.

Calem Enterprise R9.0g in September 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0g on September 12, 2015. This is a feature release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • Project Inventory and bill of material
  • Calem Designer UI enhancements
  • Asset export by location
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes

List of Cases in R9.0g

4334  [Asset] Asset report by location.
4332  [Requisition] Project bill of material in REQ.
4330  [System] Edits lost at session expiration.
4328  [Admin] Parent group lookup empty.
4326  [Designer] Creation (+) button not showing in Open SR.
4324  [User Interface] Top screen section coloring.
4322  [Designer] Showing Group designed.
4308  [Inventory] Project inventory management.
4302  [Service Request] Service request created from email with different times (auditing).
4282  [Calem Mobile] Errors when adding meter readings from tablet.
3868  [General] Workflow mail queue cleanup.

Calem Enterprise R9.0f in August 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0f on August 23, 2015. This is a minor maintenance release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

List of Cases in R9.0f

4316  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Popups for city, state, zip and country are blank.
4314  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] City lookup dropdown to show state.
4310  [Work order] WO Actual completion time overwritten by current date/time.
4306  [User Interface] WO view link blank.
4304  [PM] Work order instruction to allow sequence setting.
4300  [Calem Mobile] Asset Type cannot be created from Calem Starter.

Calem Enterprise R9.0e in August 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0e on August 16, 2015. This is a minor maintenance release. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.
  • Skip duplicate PM WOs in generation
  • PM Plan creation from Calem Touch
  • Misc enhancements and bug fixes

List of Cases in R9.0e

4299  [User Interface] "SolutionO" should be "Solution".
4298  [Calem Mobile] Phone Edit/New screen field label cutoff.
4297  [PM] Custom WO gen auto set.
4296  [PM] PM duplicate check for "Fixed" work orders.
4294  [PM] Rename PM Plan "Release schedule" to "Repeat Schedule".
4293  [Work order] WO PDF step print overlapping.
4292  [Calem Mobile] Approve a REQ with warning info hanging.
4291  [PM] PM Plan Release schedule not showing.
4290  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] State lookup is not working.
4288  [PM] PM Step report not filtering by site.
4285  [User Interface] Refresh client causing it to hang.
4283  [Work order] Status coloring in PM OnTime report.
4258  [PM] PM Plan creation from Calem Touch.
4089  [General] Sync Set Unique Key Violation (March 2015).

Calem Enterprise R9.0d in July 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0d on July 28, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Key requests addressed in this release:

  • Favorite module added for quick menu launch
  • Additional comments/conditions added for WO instructional steps
  • Calem Touch updated for Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Custom style sheet available for Calem
  • Calem Mobile Starter and Started supported in the cloud release

List of Cases in R9.0d

4278  [User Interface] Stylesheet customization allowed.
4277  [Asset] Asset discovery menu hidden by default.
4275  [User Interface] Listview checkbox selection.
4274  [User Interface] Module bar to support scrolling.
4273  [User Interface] Adding favorite menu for quick access.
4272  [Work order] WO Step to add more fields.
4268  [Calem Mobile] Tablet sync error to record in sync.
4266  [PM] PM work order generated on Sunday (4th Monday).
4262  [Admin] App/Device profile deprecated.
4259  [Work order] Failure code lookup not working with individual code.
4257  [Calem Mobile] Calem client capability support.
4255  [Calem Mobile] Lookup creation in Calem Touch.
4238  [Calem Mobile] Galaxy S4 not scrolling in Calem Touch.
3918  [General] Warning from Protocol class.

Calem Enterprise R9.0c in July 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0c on July 1, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Key requests addressed in this release:

  • New dashboard metrics including PM On Time and Schedules
  • Payment collection by card swipe for Calem Android Offline
  • Optional display of inactive assets in tree
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes.

List of Cases in R9.0c

4240  [Calem Mobile] Make inventory module available for phone profile in Calem Touch.
4236  [User Interface] Cannot print PM Plan list.
4234  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline new ACL not visible from tablet.
4233  [User Interface] Lookup form cache turned off.
4232  [User Interface] Replace EAM company list with EAM company.
4230  [User Interface] List view customization to show fields sorted.
4229  [User Interface] Left module bar to remove top sash.
4227  [Calem Offline (Android)] Offline tablet default connection timeout to 20 seconds.
4226  [Workflow] Email reply to WO notification not recorded as comment.
4224  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show site status flag (disabled/out of service) in popup view.
4222  [Asset] Add address in location.
4214  [Dashboard] WO age by priority drilldown.
4212  [Work order] PM Late reports with summary stats.
4210  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User site assignment multi-user addition.
4208  [Calem Offline (Android)] Accepter not downloaded to Tablet.
4206  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet allows the use of accepters that are not active.
4204  [System] Removal of unused upgrade function.
4202  [Calem Offline (Android)] Tablet sync failure from timeout.
4200  [Asset] Asset tree hiding assets of inactive statuses.
4198  [Asset] Asset tree not shown with asset/location circular reference.
4197  [Calem Mobile] Touch interface blank with Chrome 43.
4196  [Asset] Location Meter not editable.
4194  [User Interface] Remove some modules from the module list.
4192  [Asset] Unable to delete a unused meter.
4190  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Show "Login blocked" in user list.
4174  [User Interface] favicon.ico error in access log.
4170  [User Interface] Option to hide invalid objects in the list.
4088  [General] Android tablet payment processing.
4042  [General] Use Link for read view for lookup fields.
4032  [General] Query for more than one items.
3948  [General] Additional analytics.
3924  [General] Make module name friendly for new comers.
3904  [General] Meter Reading edits and most recent reading.
3547  [General] Auto-fill Step/Doc sequence numbers.
3476  [General] User and Address Enhancement.
2259  [Work order] WO updated when PM Plan steps are changed.

Calem Enterprise R9.0b in May 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0b on May 1, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Key issues addressed in this release:

  • SR metrics
  • WO labor summary report
  • Labor and item discounts
  • Inventory transaction valuation tracking
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes.

List of Cases in R9.0b

4168  [Calem Offline (Android)] New and Approved WOs in tablet client.
4166  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User site assignment not working for non-eam sites.
4164  [Dashboard] Dashboard "Mine" tab renamed to "My Summary".
4162  [Analysis] Asset downtime analysis reports.
4161  [Analysis] Refactor Asset analysis report.
4160  [Calem Mobile] Option to turn off mobile touch auto-redirect.
4158  [Calem Offline (Android)] Removal of accepted tickets after sync.
4156  [Analysis] Refactor WO summary in Analysis module.
4155  [Work order] Change Asset/Location menu for PM WO.
4154  [Work order] Work order auto-labor hours by status change.
4152  [Work order] PM contract expiration notification in email.
4150  [Work order] Removal of experimental tire forms.
4148  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Company/site fields in site skill screen confusing.
4144  [Calem Offline (Android)] Asset/location ticket history from tablet.
4142  [Service Request] SR description in html.
4140  [Work order] WO comments to include status change notes.
4138  [Service Request] Service request was created for wrong site.
4136  [Work order] Query to show WO comments in the past two days.
4134  [Integration] Import cm_pm.xls error.
4132  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO PDF without labor entries.
4130  [Asset] Asset location change in contract.
4128  [Asset] Actual finish in query and report for asset status report.
4126  [Calem Offline (Android)] Unable to change ticket status to "Completed" or "InProgress".
4125  [Inventory] Customer inventory no charge.
4124  [Asset] Finish date in asset status report.
4122  [Work order] PATCH - Error when completing a work order.
4120  [Work order] Work order sorting by "PM?", "Priority" and "Need by" not working.
4116  [Inventory] Inventory transaction cost tracking issue.
4112  [Work order] Weekly PMs no weekend schedule.
4110  [Setup] FTP service for cloud service.
4108  [Document] Calem Manuals version to reflect R9.0a.
4104  [System] Floating seat session cleanup at browser close.
4100  [Work order] Close work orders that are not completed.
4094  [Report] WO labor hour report.
4092  [Report] Asset OLAP report no function.
4086  [Work order] Labor/Material site-based discounts.
3946  [Security - ACL] SR Metrics.
3916  [Inventory] Update store's item note based on site inventory.
3906  [Asset] Add Current Reading to Asset Status.
3878  [PM] PM Steps list search screen issue.
3872  [Workflow] SMS notification email with reply template.
3866  [Inventory] Show thumbnail in inventory list as in asset.
3864  [Inventory] Photo field in site inventory.
3862  [Requisition] Supplier price to be set by inventory receiving.
3854  [System] Idle timeout for floating license users.
3842  [Work order] Reporting work order labor hours got error message.
3836  [Asset] Location List Report.
3820  [Asset] Add a URL field in asset.
3816  [Work order] URL in attachment not showing URL in read view.
3354  [Asset] PMs from Asset and Location Screens.

Calem Enterprise R9.0a in March 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0a on March 22, 2015. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Key issues addressed in this release:
  • Unable to use Calem with IE9
  • Calem Touch enhancements including meter reading entry in work order.
  • Calem Offline enhancements including address for contact/requester.
  • Exclusive work order clocking (only one active clock at a time)
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes.

List of Cases in R9.0a

4084  [User Interface - Designer] No customization not effective for "Customize" tabs.
4082  [Service Request] SR SLA calculation for WO statuses.
4080  [Work order] Customer service notes to show at the top of description.
4078  [Schedule] User scheduling is off by one day.
4074  [Work order] Work order cost showing negative values.
4073  [Work order] Clicking a WO does not open it.
4069  [User Interface] User read screen link button simplification.
4068  [Work order] WO Generation for 30th of the month error.
4066  [Calem Offline (Android)] Closed WOs still shows in the tablet.
4064  [Calem Offline (Android)] Calem Offline for Nexus 9.
4062  [Work scheduling] Weekly Schedule to enable Site/Job Role filtering.
4060  [Asset] Asset label change.
4056  [Work order] Show transaction note at WO part list.
4054  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO # from tablet not updated to permanent #.
4050  [System] Last Login not updated from Touch.
4048  [Workflow] Do not handle out of office from email reply.
4045  [RCM] RCM Lookup by codes.
4036  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO view error.
4034  [Work order] Work order status change issue in IE9.
4024  [Calem Offline (Android)] Docs in Offline for Site/Location/Asset.
4022  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Address list search not working.
4020  [General] RapidSSL not trusted in mobile.
4018  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show address in google map.
4017  [Calem Offline (Android)] WOs of Accepted status included in download.
4016  [Work order] Child WO to copy asset by default.
4014  [Calem Offline (Android)] "Will-Be-Back" workflow wrong.
4012  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show address/phone for contact/requestor in WO.
4010  [General] Meter reading entry from Touch.
4008  [General] Tablet password saving option.
4006  [Work order] WO parts check out issue.
4004  [General] Calem Touch not working with locally installed service.
4002  [General] Show open work orders from asset.
4000  [User Interface] Change Language in Touch misspelled.
3998  [Work order] Add WO completed (not closed) to Calem Touch.
3992  [General] Link for work order number in touch.
3988  [Work order] Work order clock hours too high.
3984  [Schedule] Multiple day scheduling
3934  [Work order] Scheduling but not released.
3884  [PM] Default time to 8:00 AM for "Next due" in PM.
3408  [Work order] Completing Steps from My Work.
3396  [PM] Display PM Current Due in PM Report.

Calem Enterprise R9.0 in February 2015

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 9.0 on February 1, 2015. It includes Calem Mobile integrated with Calem Designers. The mobile solution is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The mobile solution is also available for desktop users with Chrome and Safari browsers. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release.

List of Cases in R9.0

3980  [Service Request] SR Service Site Change Notification.
3978  [Calem Offline (Android)] Allow launching Touch from offline.
3976  [Calem Offline (Android)] Start/Stop Clock for Android offline.
3974  [Calem Offline (Android)] Labor hours based on status changes.
3972  [Calem Offline (Android)] Color-coding WO status/priority.
3971  [Calem Offline (Android)] Show Child WO from work order view.
3970  [Calem Offline (Android)] "I will be back" for WO.
3968  [Calem Offline (Android)] WO assignment ordering in tablet.
3966  [Work order] Allow email for WO TS notification.
3964  [Calem Offline (Android)] Add attachment by browsing pictures.
3962  [Asset] Location service log is not working.
3960  [Schedule] WO "Shift to start" to be used for assignment shift.
3958  [Report] WO print detail list row control.
3957  [User Interface - Designer] WO master-detail list view overlapping.
3956  [Work order] Transactions menu in WO part list.
3952  [Work order] Bulk complete to add actual start/finish.
3950  [Schedule] Scheduled hours counted twice in user schedule.
3949  [Work order] WO status completion screen to preset finished time.
3944  [Work order] Default shift for work order schedule.
3942  [Schedule] More than one Schedule cycles for a user.
3940  [Work order] WO Assignment default hours.
3938  [Work order] WO comments in chronological order.
3937  [User Interface] Screen Text Changes for Touch.
3936  [Work order] WO Assignment to users of inactive status.
3932  [Help] Calem Touch to replace Calem Mobile in user manuals.
3931  [User Interface] "Time needed" changed to "Need by".
3930  [Work order] Change "Notes" in WO to "Solution".
3928  [User Interface] Edit error prompt by screen field order.
3922  [Report] WO Print Time incorrect for Cairo Time.
3920  [Workflow] Workflow PHP warning.
3917  [Work order] Enable auto-complete for inspection WO.
3914  [Work order] Auto-Close WO not closing a work order.
3912  [Work order] Add menu ID in designer.
3910  [User Interface] CSS requiring browser refresh in upgrade.
3909  [User Interface] WO/SR Priority label simplification.
3908  [Work order] WO bulk Commands are renamed to Commands.
3907  [Work order] Color-code Priority/Status of WO/SR.
3902  [I18n (Localization)] R8.5q French Language Issue.
3900  [Calem Offline (Android)] Asset type sync took long time.
3896  [Search] Saved search re-arrangement.
3893  [System] Data model API refactoring.
3892  [User Interface] Use "Create" to Replace "New".
3891  [System] Apache 2.4.4 in Windows not responding sometimes.
3888  [User Interface] Add touch UI for desktop.
3887  [Inventory] Remove unused inventory widget.
3886  [Work order] Allow custom message in WO from SR.
3877  [Calem Mobile] iPhone 5 orientation change not working.
3876  [System] IE network log showing syntax error.
3870  [Inventory] Customer Inventory Management.
3861  [Designer] Personal customization to block when customization is off.
3860  [Designer] Module layout not showing newly added menu items.
3858  [Calem Mobile] New asset/location menu and scan.
3857  [Search] Free text search to not show text for search/clear buttons.
3852  [Service Request] A service request created via email has blank username.
3850  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Manufacturer list search error.
3846  [Inventory] PATCH - Site inventory import not copying over item's UOM and NOTE.
3844  [Work order] WO PDF Print shows "????" for Arabic.
3834  [Work order] Set truck down time to current if empty for Tire change.
3833  [MOC (Management of Change)] MOC section review got error message.
3814  [System] Calem Mobile Solution.
3812  [Calem Offline (Android)] Planned part is empty while checkout showed parts.
3810  [Work order] WO checkout not based on WO service site.
3808  [Calem Offline (Android)] Planned part and checkout issue in Tablet client.
3804  [Work order] Tire change screen issue.
3802  [Work order] WO Downtime not updated properly.
3800  [Work order] Adding time_needed to work assignment report.
3798  [Work order] Search error in All WO form.
3784  [Asset] Asset Tree not refreshed after manual move.
3720  [Calem Mobile] Mobile app for maintenance staff and managers.
3618  [Calem Mobile] Calem Mobile App for End Users.

Calem Enterprise R8.5q on September 29, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5q on September 29, 2014. It includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the highlights of the release:
  • Multi-user/sites lookups to speed up data entry
  • Service request inside company web site
  • Batch work order print as individual jobs
  • Many enhancements and bug fixes for Android tablet offline solution

Multi-User/Site Lookups

The multi-entry lookup allows one to select more than one user, site or other items. It makes data entry much more efficient than single entry lookups.

Service Request Integration

You can now integrate service request entry into your web site so staff can enter service requests at your web site without going to Calem cloud service.

Batch Work Order Prints

Calem now allows one to download work orders as an archive of work orders each in its own PDF file. One can then print the work orders each as an individual printing job so advanced printer functions can be utilized including double-side printing, auto-stapling, etc.

Enhancements of Tablet Offline Solution

Many enhancements and bug fixes have been completed for the Android tablet offline solution. Signature is easier to take, and newly created child work order is streamlined.

List of Cases in R8.5q

3792  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Offline Sync inactive session.
3791  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Auto truncation of sync logs.
3790  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Table selection error in Sync.
3789  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Screen rotation instability.
3787  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Auto-sync will keep trying if failed.
3786  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet screen rotation caused a crash.
3780  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Site inventory was downloaded in each sync.
3778  [Work order] WO Clock status configurations.
3776  [Work order] WO Planned part lookup.
3774  [User Interface] Multi-lookup workflow.
3773  [Security - ACL] Allow the clone of ACL profile.
3772  [Work order] Multiple Asset for RMA repair.
3770  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Child WO display after creation.
3768  [Mobile - Offline - Android] WiFi Turn on caused crash.
3765  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Login Crash.
3764  [Mobile - Offline - Android] RMA for location issue.
3762  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Assignment not shown after sync till a refresh.
3760  [Work order] Child work order list to open work order directly.
3758  [User Interface] Support multi-field ordering.
3757  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Work Orders Created not updated with new number.
3756  [Mobile - Offline - Android] My assignment list view blank after changes.
3754  [Service Request] Service request priority by SLA contract.
3752  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Child work order location error.
3750  [Service Request] Flush SR email notifications when SR emails received.
3749  [Schedule] Change WF email to every 3 minutes from 15 mins.
3748  [Asset] Add aset specific reports (Unit and Tire).
3747  [Asset] Two meter readings at asset level.
3746  [Work order] Server warning in WF module.
3745  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Cannot go back at exception in update client screen.
3744  [Work order] Add cost to downtime in WO.
3742  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Show offline client download counts in calem logs.
3740  [Work order] A child work order may show twice in My Work tree.
3738  [Security - General] Anonymous SR user taking up floating license.
3736  [Service Request] Service request entry integration with customer site.
3734  [Work order] Add subject to work order clock screen.
3732  [Work order] Upgrade/fix labor hours not counted by clocking.
3729  [Purchase] Multi-PO PDF Generation.
3728  [Report] WO PDF list view length not fully used.
3727  [Admin] Group added not showing till refresh.
3726  [Report] Text overlapping in PDF print.
3718  [Requisition] REQ item price reset to 0 when changed.
3716  [Work order] Mult-job role workflow.
3715  [Asset] Add WO# in asset for transaction recording.
3714  [Work order] Add new asset in WO for replacement.
3713  [User Interface] Change "no." to "#" in labels.
3712  [User Interface] Support 8 column form layout.
3711  [User Interface] Form field labels are turning into bold.
3710  [User Interface] Change Delete/Open icons.
3708  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Debug log showing a lot of info.
3706  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Signature Issues.
3704  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Client Crash at times.
3702  [Work order] Planned parts not based on WO service site.
3700  [Mobile - Offline - Android] PATCH - Parts not available from tablet client.
3698  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Sync Set Unique Key Violation.
3697  [Setup] Allow a login termination date.
3696  [System] Warning in logs for LDAP, Protocol and Workflow.
3695  [Work order] Adding a notes to WO.
3694  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Tablet Upgrade to R8.5q sync error.
3692  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Resolution showing as one line.
3690  [Mobile - Offline - Android] WO Status Log timestamp from Tablet Overwritten.
3689  [Asset] Asset Type Code ID.
3688  [Work order] Add asset down and up time in WO.
3686  [PM] Steps in PM Plan Export in Excel.
3685  [Asset] Additional reading values in reading tran.
3684  [Work order] Work order delays.
3683  [Work order] Custom WO Tire Forms.
3682  [Work order] WO RCM lookup by codes.
3681  [Work order] WO Reference #.
3680  [Asset] Location used for Asset Storage.
3679  [RCM] Asset Transaction from Action Codes.
3677  [Asset] Asset Transaction Refactoring.
3676  [Integration] Unable to download templates for data upload.
3674  [Work order] Bulk Status Transition not working.
3673  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User Monitor roles.
3672  [Security - General] Floating Seat User Login.
3662  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Signature section was cut off in Tablet client.
3660  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Location Lookup Error.
3659  [User Interface] REQ Item Unit Cost Reported Changed.
3656  [User Interface] Cancel/Close icon to redo.
3655  [Security - General] Ananymous Login Restrict to SR entry only.
3654  [PM] PM's Asset and Location are not in sync.
3652  [Work order] Change WO order to be ascending.
3650  [Workflow] Duplicate emails for SR/WO.
3648  [Inventory] Inventory On Order/To Order Sync.
3646  [Purchase] Price setting to 0 when adding REQ to PO.
3644  [Inventory] Requisition Price Changed to 0.
3608  [Work order] Print images in WO PDF Print.
3580  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Signature screen cut-off.
3446  [Work order] WO batch print as individual jobs.
3329  [Inventory] Set Part Price in returning a part.
3326  [Work order] WO Tool and Part Maintenance while in Store.
2540  [Lookup] Lookup Selection Duplication Error.

Calem Enterprise R8.5p on August 3, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5p on August 3, 2014. It includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • Work order clock start/stop
  • Weekly Schedule with resources and enforcement
  • SMS Notification on/off
  • Floating license seats

Work Order Clock Start/Stop

Technicians can use the new feature to manage time spent in work orders. Calem will translate the clock events into work hours and report them in work orders.

Weekly Schedule with resources and enforcement

Weekly schedule screens now show the available hours for users under schedule. One can optionally enable over-schedule control so that staff are not schedule beyond their available hours.

SMS Notification on/off

SMS notifications can be controlled at user level or at event level. You can selectively enable events for SMS notifications based on your business requirements.

Floating License Seats

Floating license seats allow staff to share license seats. For organizations with users who need to use Calem in different shifts or different work schedules it is efficient economically to purchase floating license seats instead of fixed seats for every user.

List of Items for R8.5p Release

3641  [PM] PM Logging Support.
3636  [Project] Project Task List Report.
3634  [Inventory] Inventory Move Receipt.
3632  [Work order] WO TS notification.
3630  [Work order] Downtime Printed in WO.
3628  [Service Request] SR Logging as in WO.
3626  [User Interface] Server mime type wrong.
3624  [Inventory] Store Inventory Report no Store Filtering.
3623  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Default to turn off email notifications.
3622  [User Interface] Shift "(None)" not displayed in dropdown design.
3620  [Work order] Adding Service Site's address/phone to WO Print.
3616  [System] Login to enforce active user status.
3614  [Schedule] Weekly Schedule No Availability Error.
3612  [Schedule] Show Available Hours in Weekly Schedule.
3611  [User Interface] Icons only for common menu buttons.
3610  [Work order] Generated WO PDF included in WO Print.
3609  [User Interface] Change menu "Tasks" to "More".
3606  [Work order] WO print to include Service Site and Contract Notes.
3604  [Work order] WO Print Customize in Tasks No Function.
3602  [Requisition] Add Asset to Requisition.
3596  [Work order] WO Accepter to be limited to users of the site.
3590  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Team user lookup showing disabled users.
3584  [Work order] Start Clock/Stop Clock in WO.
3582  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Custom status change issue.
3576  [License] To allow floating license seats.
3574  [Report] Report Customization Group Overriding.
3572  [System] User Guide Typo.
3568  [Work order] WO # sort order incorrect.
3566  [Workflow] SMS Notifications On/Off control.
3546  [Security - General] Blocking concurrent logging in.
3392  [PM] Generate "Sequence" PMs as WOs when PM is created manually.

Calem Enterprise R8.5o on June 30, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5o on June 30, 2014. It includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • Read-Only ACL Profiles
  • Service request entry without login
  • SMS workflow notification
  • Weekly Schedules
  • WO emails by priority

Read-Only ACL Profiles

You can now configure an ACL profile and make it read-only. It allows you to open up your system for users who you like to share information with but do not want them to make changes. Additionally, it allows you to set up limited editing functions. For example, you allow users to create and edit data but do not allow them to delete. See Admin Guide for more information.

Service Requests without Login

You can have users submit service requests with emails without logging into Calem Enterprise. This feature allows users to enter service requests with more information (such as priority, asset or location) without logging into the system. You can also introduce security PINs to allow limited access to this feature. See Admin Guide for more information.

SMS Workflow Notification

Short Message Service (SMS) allows one to send messages to phones. You can now send notifications such as new service requests directly to staff in the field for instant notification. See Admin Guide for more information.

Weekly Schedules

New features have been added to the schedule module to better streamline the work order schedule processes. Recurring schedules are introduced so you can define resource schedules by user, team or site once and let the system generate work/non-work daily schedules. This feature replaces the manual batch scheduling. New menu items are also added to view work orders planned, hours scheduled and available for a week so you can perform weekly scheduling more acurately. See User Guide for more information about the schedule module features.

Work Order Emails by Priority

You can now configure work order email notifications based on work order priorities by company, site or individual users. This feature can be used with work order notification by status and category to further tune your work order notifications. See Admin Guide for more information.

List of Items for R8.5o Release

3550  [User Interface] Time Issue with 12:xx AM.
3548  [Setup] Scheduler in Admin Deprecated.
3542  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Auto-Add Vendor/Manufacturer/Company Site at Company creation.
3540  [Work order] Allow Release to Completed in WO.
3538  [Service Request] Optionally require asset/location for SR.
3535  [Inventory] Item link to open site inventory (not the item itself).
3534  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] EAM employee not showing tabbed user form.
3532  [User Interface - Designer] Customize Button was locked out.
3530  [Purchase] Show requester in PO lines.
3529  [User Interface] Prevent Close Menu hidden in out of the box profile.
3528  [Work scheduling] Edit scheduling from assignment screen.
3526  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Site Inventory Filtering.
3524  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Showing total in quote signing page.
3522  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Simplify picture taking screen.
3520  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Hide Markup Fields in Tablet.
3518  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Crash with Custom Field Update at Acceptance.
3516  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Block Quote Edit in Tablet.
3514  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Ticket Status Error after a Sync.
3512  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Time Type Entry in Tablet.
3510  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Status Inconsistence and Refreshing Issue.
3508  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Status change error after asset changed.
3506  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Display of Inspection Child Ticket in Tablet.
3504  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Parent WO/Child WO completion.
3502  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Ticket Status not Refreshed after a change.
3500  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Misc Planned Cost in Tablet.
3498  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Decimal Display in Tablet.
3496  [Inventory] Sync Item Note/Description to Site Item.
3494  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Add scheduled start time in My Assignment list.
3492  [Work order] WO Comments to show date/time in print.
3490  [Requisition] Supplier Cascade Changes to REQ.
3488  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Non-Active Users as Requesters.
3486  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Ticket Number in My Work not Refreshing.
3484  [Inventory] Site Inventory Document View Tab.
3482  [Work order] Tablet Client Sync Issue.
3480  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Support Custom Menu in Tree.
3478  [Designer] "Fixed" of Custom Dropdown is readonly.
3477  [Work order] WO PDF Print Text Overlapping.
3474  [Work order] WO PDF attachment in Email Notification.
3472  [Inventory] Allow more pictures for Inventory.
3468  [Integration] Import from Active Directory.
3466  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Adding search funciton in stock.
3464  [Mobile - Offline - Android] Planned Part in WO not showing notes.
3462  [Work order] Initialize Contact in SR/WO.
3456  [Work order] Downtime in WO Print showing Ids.
3454  [Work order] WO Emails by Priority.
3452  [Asset] Typo of rebuildable in asset module.
3450  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Manufacturer address lookup blank screen.
3448  [Integration] Unable to check off "EAM Crew" flag by excel upload.
3444  [Work order] WO Print Content Area Squeezed.
3442  [User Interface] Selected Items in List View not Cleared.
3440  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Employee Status "Departed" to "Inactive".
3438  [Work order] WO cancel notification email.
3436  [Work order] Use parent/child WO for sequencing.
3434  [User Interface] Calem uses "Cancel" to Exit forms.
3432  [Service Request] Allow project field for service request.
3430  [Setup] Default ACL profile for auto-added user.
3428  [Work scheduling] Resource Availability for WO Scheduling weekly.
3426  [Designer] List Designer Right-Click not working in Chrome.
3424  [Work order] All WO Report Date Range Change.
3422  [Inventory] Copy Site Item Description to Requisition Item.
3420  [User Interface] IE not parsing decimal correctly.
3418  [Service Request] Service Request Portal Entry.
3416  [Service Request] SMS notification as an email.
3398  [PM] "Last" in Asset Status Report to be "Last done".
3390  [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] User List Report.
1781  [Designer] Read-only ACL profiles.

Calem Enterprise R8.5k on February 12, 2014

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5k on February 12, 2014. It is a maintenance release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • REST APIs for integration with Calem Enterpise
  • Multi-selection in adding PM Inspection
  • PO Print New Customization
  • Default SLA Contract configuration
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes

3298  [Requisition] Requisition UOM Change not Allowed
3296  [Inventory] Serial Entry and Display
3294  [Service request] When Asset/Location/Site is changed fill in default SLA
3292  [User Interface] Record Move Caused Menu Disabled
3290  [Work order] Remove "My PM" and "My Team PM" from WO
3289  [Inventory] Physical count transaction not recorded.
3288  [Asset] Asset Type Deletion.
3286  [Integration] REST APIs.
3284  [Work order] WO Status Change from Import not logged.
3282  [Inventory] Recieve to Inactive Items.
3280  [User Interface] Multi-selection in PM Inspection.
3276  [Database] Upload Custom Data Error.
3274  [PM] Next Due in Floating PM not updated when WO is compeleted.
3273  [PM] Open PM from PM Plan's PM Tab.
3272  [Purchase] PO Print Bottom Customization
3270  [Integration] ASC - Inventory Receiving Against Requisition
3268  [Inventory] Item Reference Notes
3260  [Work order] WO Part List Use Item/Use All
3256  [Multi-Org] Disabled Users Selectable
3253  [User Interface] IE 11 - Weekly Schedule Single Click not Working
3252  [Service Request] Add Contact from SR/WO Edit
3232  [Work order] WO Tool Used Rollback

Calem Enterprise R8.5c on August 18, 2013

CalemEAM announced the availability of Calem Enterprise 8.5c on August 18, 2013. It is a major release including new features, enhancements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade to this release. Here are the hightlights of the release:
  • Work Scheduling in Weekly Calendar
  • PM Schedule report in calendar
  • Work Summary, Weekly and Daily reports
  • Workflow enhancements
  • Blackout period support in WO generation
  • PO print in PDF and email
  • Vendor price report with locator and quantity
  • Part checkout simplification
  • Dispatch board auto-refreshing
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes

Calem Enterprise 8.5 Release...

Work Scheduling in Weekly Calendar

The weekly scheduling screen allows a planner to drag a work order to a weekly calendar for a user. The planner can also remove an assignment and move assignment around through drag and drop. See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.
Work Scheduling Weekly

PM Schedule Report in Calendar

Annual PM schedules can be printed out in calendar format and edited for final execution. Public and company holidays can also be included in the calendar. You can also customize colors for the PMs and holidays. See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.
PM Schedule Calendar

Work Summary, Weekly and Daily Reports

The new reports allow managers to review work status, progress and weekly compliance. Technical staff can also login and see their own status, progress and compliance information. The reports can be configured per your organization requirements. See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.
R8.5c WO dashlets

Workflow Enhancements

There are various enhancements made to the workflow including:
  • Work order planner and monitor by locations
  • Workflow emails enabled by sites
  • PO notification emails
See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.

Blackout Periods in Work Order Genereation

When generating PM into work orders the system will review the blackout periods defined for sites. Work orders will not be released in blackout periods. The blackout periods will also be excluded in PM scheduling. See Calem Enterprise User Guide for more information.

Dispatch Board Auto-Refreshing

Both manual and auto refreshing have been added to the dispatch board. You can customize how often the dispatch board should be auto-refreshing. See Calem Enterprise Admin Guide for more information.
R8.5c dispatch board

Changes in R8.5c

We have addressed over 70 requests in Calem Enterprise R8.5c. You will need a CalemEAM customer login to view the support cases. If you have questions about the requests or if your requests are not included please report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also request a web meeting for CalemEAM to review your issues in R8.5c.

2979 - [PM] Floating by Time PM Not released.
2978 - [Inventory] Permissions for Inventory Stores.
2976 - [Work order] Allow "New" to "Released" in Tasks Menu.
2974 - [Work order] WO Generation to Skip Non-Working Time.
2972 - [Inventory] WO Part Checkout Simplification.
2970 - [Schedule] WO Status in Dispatch Board.
2968 - [User Interface] Dispatch Board Auto-Refresh.
2966 - [Schedule] Dispatch Board Sites Blank.
2964 - [Asset] Parent Asset Move and Child Assets.
2962 - [System] Custom Dropdown Value not Showing.
2960 - [Purchase] Site Vendors Allow Duplicates.
2958 - [PM] Search in PMs Due is not Working.
2956 - [Work order] WO Weekly Compliance Report.
2954 - [Work order] Daily Emergency Work Report.
2952 - [Dashboard] WO Weekly Progress Report.
2950 - [System] Checkout Site Empty.
2948 - [Dashboard] WO Summary Dashlets.
2945 - [User Interface] Default 6 Forms in Desktop without More Menu.
2944 - [Work order] WO Missing in My PM Drilldown.
2940 - [Inventory] Physical Count Locator Requirement.
2938 - [Schedule] WO Schedule by Employee/Week.
2936 - [Work order] WO Assignment Multi-Site.
2934 - [Integration] Lookup Error for Empty String in Excel.
2930 - [Work order] Asset Out-Repair in WO.
2928 - [Work order] Pop-up for Credit-OnHold/Customer.
2926 - [Work order] Auto-Select WO Location Error.
2924 - [Inventory] Item Removal.
2920 - [Work order] Child WO Default to Parent WO's Location.
2918 - [Inventory] Inventory Unit Cost Changed to Unit Price.
2916 - [Inventory] Vendor Price Report with Locator and Qty.
2914 - [Inventory] Inventory and PM Note Changes.
2912 - [Work order] Credit and On-Hold Enforcement at WO Creation.
2910 - [User Interface] Limit Open Forms in Desktop to 10 or Less.
2908 - [Work order] Site not Displayed in Large Memory Mode.
2902 - [User Interface] Dropdown not Working in IE10.
2900 - [Asset] Add "Meter reading" to Asset Status Report.
2894 - [Contract] Currency in Contract Status Cost in USD.
2892 - [Inventory] No Users in Item Checkout Transaction.
2891 - [Service Request] Asset/Location not Displayed from New WO from SR.
2890 - [PM] Time-Based PM Calendar.
2888 - [Integration] Add Defect # and WO Category in ASC Integration.
2886 - [User Interface] Multi-Tab Form Incorrect Heading.
2884 - [Inventory] Inventory Item Status Control.
2882 - [Work order] Defect Meter Replacement.
2878 - [Asset] Meter Reading Edit.
2876 - [Work order] ASC Import to Add Completion Date and Reading.
2874 - [Work order] Meter Reading when Completing a WO.
2872 - [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Monitor User Deletion not Working.
2870 - [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] Company not Shown in Adddress Form.
2868 - [Service Request] Default SR Priority Not Working.
2867 - [Report] PDF Report Row Overlapping.
2866 - [Work order] SR Priority Copied to WO.
2864 - [Workflow] Workflow Events by Sites.
2862 - [Workflow] WO Notification by Location.
2858 - [PM] PM Next Due Date Enhancement.
2856 - [Schedule] User Schedule Calendar Assignment Error.
2854 - [Schedule] Sched Labor Hours not Calculated for Job Role.
2850 - [Data Upload] Upload Templates Generation Failed to Run in Linux.
2847 - [PM] PM Form Not Scrolling Details.
2846 - [Work order] PATCH - WO Actual Finish Time not Filled.
2840 - [Asset] Double-Click in Asset Tree to Open Asset.
2836 - [User Interface] List View Height Adjustment.
2830 - [User Interface] Scroll Function Enhancement.
2828 - [Multi-Org/Multi-Site/Multi-Location] EAM Company as Manufacturer.
2820 - [Work order] Asset Note in PM Asset List.
2818 - [PM] Meter Deletion with PM Reference.
2814 - [Purchase] PO in PDF and Email.
2812 - [Work order] WO Status InProgress and InProcess.
2808 - [Inventory] Site Inventory Vendor Price List.
2806 - [Inventory] Add Free Text Search for Locator Lookup.
2804 - [PM] Meter Readings from PM Lists.
2802 - [PM] Add a Tab for WOs in PM Form.
2800 - [Work order] Asset Note when Changing Asset/Location.
2798 - [User Interface] Problem Editing WO.
2796 - [Report] Meter List Export to Excel.

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