Track Failures in Work Orders

You can configure Calem to track failures in work orders. The configuration for failure tracking does not affect preventive maintenance work orders. It is applicable to corrective work orders, i.e., work orders for breakdowns. Track Failures in Work Orders There are two ways to track asset failure reporting - see Mandate Failure Codes in Work ...
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Custom Fields for User Skill Management

I have touched upon customization in Calem in previous blogs in piece meals. This blog dives into the details through the implementation of a business case. It can be used by administrators to customize other data objects. Here is the business case: ​An organization likes to track skill matrix for maintenance staff. A maintenance user can...
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Asset Condition Monitoring with Meter Triggers

​There are scenarios of asset condition monitoring that can be implemented by the meters and triggers available in Calem Enterprise. Here is such a sample case: ​A vessel has a main port side engine and a main startboard engine. The engine oils are analyzed regularly, for instance, every 100 hours of operation based on manu...
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Upload Vendors and Prices

​Vendor setup is discussed in a previous blog here . This blog discusses the steps to upload vendors and prices. There are three steps to set up vendors and prices. Data Upload via Excel Templates Excel templates are available in Calem for every table so that data can be managed via excel files. See this blog for more information. Step 1. Vend...
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Access Control Profiles in Calem

Access control profiles, or ACL Profiles, can be configured to allow users of your organization and your customers to sign into Calem and access the data and menu actions allowed. ACL Profile Case 1: Internal Use Calem Enterprise is used by a manufacturing plant. The plant employees are the only users of Cale...
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Browsers for Calem AJAX and Touch Desktop

I have seen customers with corporate policies in place with selective browsers for Calem and other enterprise applications. In other cases customers have own choices about the browsers to use with Calem. This blog covers the browsers and our preferences for use with Calem Enterprise. AJAX Web Client The AJAX web client is the primary web inter...
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Login User Setup

​Users can be added to Calem through data entry forms, upload from excel files, import from LDAP servers, or auto-creation via email service requests. One can create as many users in Calem as needed. However, login users require license seats and profile configuration.  In this blog I will cover the steps to set up users to log ...
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Purchase Order Print Part 3 - Terms and Conditions

In Purchase Order Print Customization Part 2 we discussed the header templates and terms and conditions. In this blog I will cover the PO terms and conditions in detail.  PO terms and conditions can be defined in Calem in the following ways: For site specific terms, go to Site form (Org module | EAM company | Site tab) and edit the site to add...
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Bulk Update II: Work Order and PM

Bulk update allows one to update more than one record at a time. It allows maintenance staff to complete data changes very efficiently. There are two approaches available in Calem to perform bulk updates: ​Bulk update through export and import .  Bulk update from list forms In the first approach, one may identify a list report to perform the c...
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List View Customization

 List views are used extensively in Calem Enterprise. They include: ​Main Data Lists such as work order lists Detail Data List such as scheduled labor lists for a work order Lookup List such as cost center lookup list Report List such as work order report list Report Detail List such as scheduled labor lists in work order print The customizati...
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Purchase Order Print Customization Part 2

In last blog  about purchase order print customization we have discussed the standard PO header customization, PO lines, and the signature section.  In this blog I will present the new top template for PO print, and terms and conditions at the end of PO print. See the screenshot below. The top template for PO print will be&...
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Calem Enterprise Implementation Strategies

​Implementation strategies vary based on business requirements. We will discuss two common strategies in this blog. They have been proven by customers in the field. Strategy 1. Work Orders First This is the default implementation strategy as discussed in the iterative implementation blog . It starts with implementing work orders. Inventor...
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Seasonal PM Work Order Generation

​There are cases for PM work orders to be generated or not generated by time periods, or seasons.  Case 1. No PM Work Orders for a Time Period Holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving in the US are busy times for food companies. A food company manages its maintenance operation with Calem enterprise, and would like to defer PMs ...
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Multiple-Cloud Service Migration

Instance export and import can be used to extract instance data from one instance and upload to another instance. This is an exciting feature in R10r. It e nables organizations to expand their use of CalemEAM and focus on their business needs without being boggled down by enormous investment of time and money in data integration. Business Case 1 Th...
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Multiple Services and Owner Groups

Owner groups have been introduced in Calem Enterprise R10r to replace multiple services by service sites. Here is the business case for owner groups: A​  site has assets for facility management and maintenance management.  It is required that when facility management staff view asset tree, they should only see facility assets.  ...
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Session Logs and Site Monitoring

There are two new features in Calem Enterprise R10r release for monitoring user sessions and Calem Service Sites. They are user session logs and Google Analytics integration. User Session Logs Successful user logins are recorded for administrators to analyze user activities. They help answer the following questions: ​H...
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Mandate Failure Codes in Work Orders

Reporting failure/action/cause codes in corrective maintenance (CM) work orders allows tracking and analysis of failures and resolutions. The codes are not required in preventive maintenance (PM) work orders. There are two ways to mandate failure/action/cause in CM work orders. You may choose to use option 1 only, or use it with option 2 to ma...
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Data Upload Part 3: Preventive Maintenance

  This blog series demonstrate the data setup through uploading data from excel templates. Previous blogs include: ​Data Upload Part 1: Inventory Module Data Upload Part 2: Asset and Location Here are some background about excel templates and data upload: ​An excel data template is generated for each table in Calem. Customers can download the ...
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Data Upload Part 2: Asset and Location

This blog series demonstrate the data setup through uploading data from excel templates.  ​Data Upload Part 1: Inventory Module ​ Here are some background about excel templates and data upload: ​An excel data template is generated for each table in Calem. Customers can download the archive of all the templates at
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Work Order Time Display by Sites

This feature facilitates multi-site work order scheduling by displaying work order times in the time zones of the sites where asset and location are referenced. For instance, a planner is scheduling work orders in multiple time zones, all work orders can be scheduled in local times. The feature covers the various aspects of...
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