Calem Enterprise comes with integration capabilities including:

  • Email Integration: service request submission, service request and work order interaction via emails.
  • Application Programming Interface (API): the APIs to read, update and delete records in Calem. It is ideal for third party applications to integrate with Calem via APIs.
  • Custom Triggers: application code in Calem server. The triggers are fired when a database records are inserted, updated or deleted.

APIs are discussed in this blog. Calem Enterprise comes with REST APIs. They can be used to read and update Calem Enterprise from 3rd party applications. For instance, a customer likes to create a service request in Calem when an event is generated from a network monitoring system. 

  • ​REST APIs are a subset of Calem Enterprise APIs. Additional REST APIs will be made available to customers based on feedbacks from customers.
  • The APIs are used by Calem Enterprise clients including web, touch and offline.

The REST APIs are a powerful set of programming interfaces for third party applications. They can be used to insert, update, read and delete objects in Calem Enterprise. See Calem Enterprise REST API manual for more information.

​API Type API Sample
​ Get an object by Id ​ Get asset with id "009621a0-56c2-b974-f162-640541bd748a":

GET /api/get/cm_asset/009621a0-56c2-b974-f162-640541bd748a
​Get objects by query​Get assets with query: asset_no like 'pump%' and last_modified>='2014-12-11' (URL encoded in query below).

GET /api/search/cm_asset/w= asset_no%20like%20%27pump%25%27%20and%20last_modified%3E%3D%272014-12-11%27
​Insert an object​Insert an asset with the following info:

note=My asset note; location_id=My location id; in_id=My asset type id

POST /api/insert/cm_asset


​Update an object​Update an asset with the following info:

note=My asset note; in_id=My asset type id

PUT /api/update/cm_asset/009621a0-56c2-b974-f162-640541bd748a


​Delete an object​Delete an asset with Id:

DELETE /api/delete/cm_asset/009621a0-56c2-b974-f162-640541bd748a